Naked in front of mother in law

Is it ok to be naked in front of my mother in law? My wife wanted me to show her mother her favorite thong she bought me for a trip. Nothing to it. G-string. When it got wet u could see right thru it. Step dad didnt care. Perv. Story for another time. Wife went and got it and i changed in the pool. The whole thing was turing me on in a weird way. I was busting out of the suit. They came into the pool so they neighbores wouldnt see. They were sitting on a ledge in the shallow end. I was completely erect and trying not to pop out of the suit. When i stood up my cock was face high with them sitting. I made my wife beg me to show her so i didnt look like i wanted to do it. I was standing right in front of her with a full erection. It really was hot. The look and comments were crazy wild. She said it looks like you need a bigger suit. Long story short. I worked for them for a summer and my wife let me swim naked. She said she already saw me naked. Made her get naked before i would step dad was there. He didnt care. Actually i think he liked it. They would fantasize and talk dirty to me. Some things the wife didnt need to know. He sorta forced her to jerk me off in the pool. He liked watching. I wasnt complaining. Great summer. She must have jerked me of 30 times that summer. Sometime she did both of us at the same time. Some inlaws!

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  • It's always right to be naked

  • I wish I had gotten my MIL to blow me or, fuck me. All she did was jerk me, and let me play with her tits, pussy, and ass. She talked dirty, too, whenever we were alone, and that was a turn on.

  • My MIL has blown me twice, I do not have that large of a cock at seven inches. I guess his must be really small because my wife and her were talking and she did not believe her apparently. One night after waaay to much wine my wife crashed early and FIL went to the bedroom to watch tv and fall asleep. My MIL was also pretty gone on wine and she asked me straight out how big my cock was because she did not believe it. I asked her if she wanted to see it for herself and she smiled and sat up, I stood in front of her and dropped my pants. I got hard in a few minutes while she played with it then she asked me if we could go out back on the screened in patio. Once out there she had me stand in front of her again and she sucked me off. She was really into it and told me next time she wanted it in her but we had to figure out how to make that happen.

  • Shit, I'm just barely over six inches, and my MIL thought I was packing ! LOL ! That's because the FIL was considerably smaller. I never saw him hard, or anything, it's just the MIL told me that he needed the smallest boy's jock strap that Walmart sold, LOL ! All she did to me, during our one little fling was jerk me off and let me feel and suck her huge tits, and finger her hairy slit. I really wanted to face-fuck her, just shoot my wad all over her face, but she wouldn't go there. Something about abuse from an older brother, and a brother-in-law "sticking their nasty dicks in my mouth ! " So, I just enjoyed the h/j, and feeling her older parts.

  • My mother in law has been almost naked in front of me so I guess its normal. Your story about the pool and all is a not normal but erotic LOL. Have fun

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