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My wife didn't mind at first that I posted pictures of her on the internet. Then she wanted me to take them down, but lately she has let me post them again. I love to have her dress up in her naughty outfits. She really would get into it and let me take any kind of picture I wanted. Sometimes I would have her lick my balls or suck on my cock and take her picture that I would later put on the internet. Sometimes I would have her stand by the patio door with the curtain open and take her picture. I would have her get on her knees and suck my cock telling her how the neighbors could see what she was doing. This sometimes really turned her on and she would want me to talk dirty to her. One time I had her get dressed in one of her naughty outfits and took her for a drive to a park nearby where I had her walk around in her outfit. I had her sit on a bench and masturbate for me while I took pictures. Some guy happened to be walking by and saw what we were doing. I asked him if wanted to have his picture taken with the wife blowing him, he agreed and the wife got down and started sucking his cock and licking his balls. She was really getting into it as I took pictures. Finally the dude blew his load all over the wife's face where she licked up every drop. He walked away happy and I had some great pictures of her to post on the internet.

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  • 1978 my smoking hot wife and I are a nude beach in the French West Indies,
    We're far from home so I don't care who sees her. The internet is science fiction. This camera bug with a Minolta 101 is harassing her ass. Everywhere she turns he's clicking away. She cuts a deal with him, she'll pose for 5 minutes if he goes away then, and my big husband will throw your camera in the ocean if you're still here. He reloaded his camera twice -- and she complied with pose requests -- there were some full body pussy shots but no open legs. Most were of her big tits and cute youthful face. She's 22 but looks younger.
    I keep searching "70's nude beach" but no luck.
    I have a couple topless of her with a cheap camera. I stopped taking them when the kid at the photo place was looking at them when I was picking them up.

  • Can u send me that pics?

  • Try Zoig.

  • I'd love to see these photos. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • Zoig

  • Where are these pictures?

  • Where can we see these?

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