Hooked on her

I'm addicted to fucking my niece. We got together by chance, I found out she's a whore when I called an escort service requesting a girl. It was quite a surprise when she came knocking on my door. But she was unfazed when she walked in. I was so horny and we're both morally bankrupt to a point that we just went with it. Maybe she says so to please me, but for me it's the truth: she's the best fuck i've ever had. The first time she was 20 and I was 51. I've been one of her regulars for two years. Over time she confessed to having a crush on me since she was little and to "whoring around with older men" since she was 16.
We have explosive sexual chemistry, maybe because of the taboo around our relationship. We hide from family, friends and acquaintances, but otherwise we don't give a fuck. We sometimes go to spend whole weekends at hotels and let the whole place know we're fucking. once in a while she lets me cum inside her unprotected, which turns me on hard. a few times i've taken her on trips, just the two of us. if we're feeling romantic, i present her as my girlfriend. if we're feeling dirtier, she becomes my cumwhore ("a table for me and my cumwhore, please").
And i'm hooked. I don't care if people say it's wrong, she's fucking dynamite in bed. I've got to the point i wouldn't really care if we were found out.

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  • That's so fantastic to hear that we're not the only ones in the same situation. I raise her daughter as if she's mine, my niece is a single mother, and we live together

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