Can't help myself

I'm not gay, but I cop an erection every time I see or hear President Trump speak. He is just the greatest president this great country has ever seen, and I literally can't help but rub one out every time I even think of the great things he's doing for our nation.

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  • Why don't you suck on my dong? My name is Bill C. I use to be in charge of things but now I need to find me some new fun. Hold on Monica is calling me. Never mind she will polish my knob. Later.

  • The original poster's problem? He can't tell his own hand from Trump's!

  • FUCK all you Trump hating BASTARDS!!!! You are fucking un American. I guess you stupid mother fuckers like Chuck Shithead, Nasty Pelosi and that stupid ass bunch of America hating fucking dumbass fucking fake ass Trump Hating fucking sick in the head queer ass faggot DEMOCRATS!! You Un American Mother fuckers all burn in hell. Fuck the Democrats!!! YOU GO TRUMP!!!
    PS: FUCK YOU STUPID ASS FAGGOT DEMORATS!!! Move to another country mother fuckers!!!

  • Pathetic. What kind of sad loser thinks that blind loyalty to *any* president is patriotic? Obama was the best president we've had in a generation, but when he made mistakes I had no qualms about calling it out. These mouth-frothing nationalists are the same kind of scum who helped Hitler rise to power. They know nothing of history, don't understand the difference between reactionary tribalism and being an actual American, and are so poisoned by right-wing propaganda that there may not be any way of actually turning them back into decent human beings before they incite a civil war.

    I used to be a Republican. I used to be an NRA member. But I've always been a decent human being and an American first, and when it became clear that one could no longer be the latter two along with the former two, I chose country over party. Since then, both the GOP and the NRA have only gotten worse, to the point where they've become tools of our enemies. I don't fear these ignorant, cowardly, hateful deplorables. I pity the rude awakening they have in store for them when they can no longer ignore the fact that they've been duped and played.

  • Trump is just so great he will certainly have another term, sad he can't be nominated president for life.

  • Yeah, like Kim Jong-un.

  • Oh, hey folks, it's that gay Satanist dude again ! Party on, Beezlebum !

  • Your right he is going to go down as one of the greatest presidents of all time.
    There are a lot of goons that would hate him even if he cured all the diseases in the world

  • He is going to go down on, Vladdy Daddy Putin, Little Rocket Man Jung Un, Dangling Dick Duerte, and any other bad guys of the world he can cozy up to and suck off .

  • Well he could start with all the STDs he has from all those whores he’s fucked

  • How rude you are, one of the goons I discussed above, fuck off

  • Glad to see your making America hard again.

  • I know how you feel. I personally can't wait for Trump to get fucked royally.

  • He got royally fucked, as did all of us for eight years straight by Bareback Obama. Now we have a pro American in charge who is returning the US to it's former glory.

  • Sieg heil!

  • I made two million when Obama was president. Under Trump Bonespurs I’ve lost money. I hope Trump strokes out

  • Two million in eight years? Damn, I didn't realize welfare paid that much. No wonder all you liberals want to become a socialist nation.

  • If I have a choice in 2020 between a Democratic candidate who promises to raise my taxes by 50% or Donald Trump...I'll vote for the Democrat.

  • That's easy to say when you don't have a job. Wait till your mommy kicks you out and you have to work for a living, then see how you like giving half of your money to the govt to pay for illegal aliens and other welfare bums.

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