Dreaming about my sister a lot lately

My sister has always been beautiful. She's four years younger than I am. We "played doctor" as kids, but it was never anything more than mild touching, and usually included one or more of her friends. Fast forward 30+ years and we're both married with kids. I love my wife, but we don't have much of a sex life anymore, mainly due to our weird and often conflicting work schedules and very long shifts, and my wife has no libido after having kids. I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck my sister. I've fantasized about it, masturbated thinking about her, masturbated with her panties, etc., but lately those thoughts are happening more and more often. I know she's not happy in her marriage and I'd even venture to say they're only together for the sake of their kids. He's on the road constantly and he has cheated on her several times. Thankfully he's never given her any STDs. Lately I've been having a ton of recurring dreams about having sex with her, and I always wake up hard as a rock. I usually have to run off to the bathroom and "relieve" myself so my cock will stop pounding. I want to have sex with her, I even want to cum inside her. I can't imagine how amazing that would feel, to ejaculate inside your own sister. I don't care if it's "right", I don't care what society says. The only reason it is "wrong" is because society tells you it's wrong. I understand the whole genetic aspect of procreating with your sister, but if you're not trying to procreate, then it's just two consenting adults who care deeply about each other making love. What's so wrong with that?! I'd much rather have sex with my sister than some random bar skank. Guess I'll just have to keep fantasizing. Just typing this out has me hard, and unfortunately I am at work and can't do anything about it.

Jul 25
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    • Found out I had a step sister later in life so missed the I'll show you mine if you show me yours stage. We're open in that we do talk about our sex lives and know we both enjoy masturbating. When she's drunk and high I always feel like she's more flirty but idk how to be close. I'm okay to cuddle and stuff but feel like since we didn't younger it's weird to ask now.

    • Have you ever hinted at your desires to your sister? What would she say if you told her you've fantasized about her?

    • Yesterday evening my daughter texted my sister a funny selfie of her sticking her tongue out and my sister texted back a mouth-wide-open selfie with her tongue sticking out. I swear it looks like she just gave a blowjob and is ready to take a load in her mouth. I definitely saved that picture for use later!

    • She would find it weird and gross, I'm sure. Unfortunately the only sexual relationship I'll ever have with my sister will be in my imagination.

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