I am noah. I am stupid. I'm addicted to gambling. I quit my job. I stick my nose where it doesn't belong. I am scared to go out in public. I am scared to pick fights with people who can beat me up. I rather annoy people that do not feel well and act like I'm tough when I'm not tough. I am a loser. I have no respect for other people. I litter my parent's yard but I am too fat and lazy to pick up after myself. That is how pathetic I am. I expect things from other people that I am not willing to do for them.

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  • Don't worry about the gambling thing. It's only a problem if you are losing. I know a gambling addict who does pretty well. I'd get out more and maybe get some CBT from a therapist to improve your self image. You seem depressed.

  • With a name like Noah, you should be fucking your mother and sister.

  • Shit you sound like 90% of my friends. Pretty normal really. More lazy and dumb than anything. Post some of your really stupid things you do I need a pick me up today. Thanks for sharing you MORON!

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