I wanna f**k my uncle...

He’s just hot af and keeps giving me slight hints like touching me... how do I do it?

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  • Ask him to spend the night at his house. Fuck him when he goes to bed. Or take a shower and let him see you naked.

  • Uncles can be or dirty old men or not old, it depends how old you are and what you want

  • It depends when he touches you is just a friendly pat or sexual touching, go with it if that's what you want, you haven't said how old you are. tell us.

  • Return everything in kind. If he touches you, touch him back. Look for nonverbal cues. They're like a language. Learn his language and you'll know what to say back. Also, just being touchy feely should be pretty indicative to him. Don't rush into it though. The faster things progress, the harder it'll be to get outta there if need be. You may even find that you enjoy a sexy relationship more than a relationship with sex. Most importantly, be careful and keep a level head. Keep us posted.

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