Selfsucking and other fantasies

Since I started masturbating, I've wished I could suck my own dick. I'm not sure how normal that is, but there it is. I've always had a veiny cock with a very defined head, I've been told that for it's size it's a very nice looking cock, and I've had more than one partner who genuinely enjoyed sucking on it. I've always been curious about how it tasted, since I was a child beating it to my dad's Hustlers. I used to wipe up the sweat from my groin and suck it off my fingers, wondering if that's what my dick tasted like.

Feb 28


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    • Funny, I recently posted about having dreams of sucking my own cock.

    • I’d love to fulfill your fantasy and suck yiur cock and eat your cum

    • Can I suck your cock

    • Before I retired I could reach mine after a workout. I had a home gym, I'd lay on my incline weight bench, feet over my head and get not much more then the head in but could suck that much. If alone in the house I'd have a nice protein shot after my workout. I still eat my cum but too out of shape now to do this anymore. I still have dreams about doing it. I thought i was alone but ny sons girlfriend caught me one day with her panties sniffing and sucking on my dick, yes she was 18 and was living with us. She made me finish for her, she was a vixen and played humiliation games after that. SHE made me do subtle things with threats to tell on me.. Could've gone way bad but didn't! She'd walk by and rub my nose with pussy on her fingers. Wasn't shit I could do!

    • Unfortunately, I've only got an average size... Even if I had a more slim physique, I'm pretty sure I'd need to be Mr Fantastic to reach it. I have dreams about it where it's just such a simple, basic thing it's amazing I didn't figure it out years ago, which is REALLY annoying. How much simpler would life be if we could pop off body parts like a Lego character.

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