Someone is excited

My new boyfriend has a long dick, we were in the kitchen, he had sweat pants on and we were messing about kissing and touching each other.
I put my hand inside his pants touching his dick, he got nice and hard then my mom walked in seeing his hard dick in his pants.
We both panicked and turned away from my mom, but it was to late, she had noticed he was hard and said, someone is excited!

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  • She liked that hard young cock.

  • My girlfriend and I were sending dirty pictures to each other, I sent her a couple of my erect cock. A couple of weeks later my good friend told me that his girlfriend told him that she seen a picture of my hard cock, and she said that I have a big cock. I was embarrassed about it and knew my girlfriend had shown her pictures of my cock. I didn't say a word about it to my girlfriend, I thought that it would be forgotten. Then one night while having dinner at my girlfriend's mother's house, her mother made a comment about the size of my cock. When I looked at her with a shocked look on my face, she then said, I know how big your penis is, I've seen pictures of it, in all it's glory. I was completely embarrassed and didn't say a word, I must of turned bright red from embarrassment. My girlfriend is prouder of my cock than I am, I got mad at her and let her know it later at home. She just laughed at my modesty and said that it was nothing to be embarrassed about, I like to show the girls how big my cock is.

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  • She wants that cock

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