My drunk ex-wife

I was planning on divorcing my 2nd wife after my son graduated from high school, I was putting up with her until then just so there would be no drama for him. She had and still does have a great body, no idea how I guess some people are just born that way. So anyways she got completely drunk during his graduation party and after everyone left at like seven o'clock I asked my son to give me hand with her. I started walking down the hallway with her towards our bedroom but instead turned into my son's room, he was looking at me kind of strange as I began laying her on his bed. I told him I would be right back and grabbed like five condoms from my room, I put them in his hand and told him to have some fun with her. She was not his mother and I have seen him staring at her boobs all the time so why not let him have some fun before I divorced her.
When I left his room he was still staring at me with this surprised look on his face but about half an hour later I could hear his bed making noise so I just smiled and turned up the TV volume.

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  • Stop posting this rape crap. Wanna be rapist.

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