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I'm not sure where else to go for this but I just want to get it out of my system, me and my boyfriend are high school seniors my boyfriend wants to have sex with me wearing glasses with a skirt and really high heeled wedges, he calls my legs sexy and says high heels will make my ass appear bigger but I've never worn any heels higher then 3 inches, and honestly it will make me feel like a slut wearing heels that high especially with a short skirt. His sex fantasy is to have sex with me wearing heels with my legs spread open in the air or to have sex with one leg on the kitchen counter again WEARING HIGH HEELED WEDGES, I can't blame him and his heel fetish he's a teenager with alot of hormones that watches alot of porn, he's begged me for the past year to have sex with him while i wear heels, last month I agreed to his fantasy's, so he ordered a pair of high heels (which I won't lie there really cute but I don't want to feel like a slut or prostitute) he came over with the heels he ordered but I decided to not have sex with him instead I just put them on (it's true my legs and ass looked so amazing in them but I really felt like a whore) and made out with him I decided to have sex with him because I was getting turned on, so I got in the position he wanted me in but I felt so much more turned on seeing how horny he was getting just by looking at me. I decided to just tease him instead but my legged rubbed on his penis and he came. I felt so turned off for how easy he came, he didn't get what he wanted but he still left my house pleased and I had new heels that I would never wear, until last week I was home alone and decided to learn to walk in them I got good enough to walk down the street in them for the mail. I was jeans with them and my neighbor that is in his 30s was sexually staring at me the whole time I felt so harassed and sluty like I said I would but the thought of him staring at me turned me on, am i a sluty for this or is it normal ?, I got turned off because my boyfriend came so fast but I enjoyed my boyfriend and my neighbor sexually staring at me is that being a slut I wanted to confess to my friend or mom but it's embarrassing and my apologies if I offended anybody


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  • Awh! Shut the fuck up your stupid too.

  • Why are people on line so mean? Why?

  • I bet you look like Klinger on Mash. Cause you are probably a sick sick man trying to get your jollies on here so fucking fake.

  • Jk just the thought of it is hot you should model and post some pictures

  • Lies

  • We haven't "done it" since then I'm not in a rush to try it again either but it was my bfs birthday just last week I decided to wear the wedges he bought me to school with a mid crop top nothing revealing but just the heels throws him off so he was happy wouldn't let go of me but Happy , I got alot of stares from guys who never bother to look at me I was honestly enjoying it you know I was getting turned on lol, but I'm pretty sure a guy in class took a picture of me idk how I felt about it as I realized how sluty I was looking in a crop top with those dramatic wedges (probably looked like white trash like mentioned before in the comments) it didn't take long till I got dress coded it was fine I was getting a little bit uncomfortable and exhausted. Earlier today I walked down the street to check the mail box and my neighbor seemed so up set šŸ˜‚ that I was wearing my every day shoes and clothes

  • Have you done it anymore? Dont leave us in suspense :(

  • Embrace it! Tease your neighbor some more!

  • Beware of the "serial d***-chic" , "bride addict" or "mummy hustler". Recently I experienced a relative doing that scam on everyone, she was at a reunion of her old workplace and they were all making fun of someone they used to work with who drank like a pig and was pregnant again. Did she workout they were talking about her? I knew she would be pregnant soon to this new man to hold on to him. Well it does hurt seeing others getting all you need when its just a want for them-beware the mummy hustler is upsetting. they don't need it that is why they get it. where as the person who needs it to sustain life, it will always move away from you. So I notice a lot of my family and friends lying to make it sound like they don't need they just want. they will say "Oh I don't need a man" "I hate my kids I hate parenthood" then next month they are with a new man and pregnant. so I am learning. I am waking up to others games. I should try it. I have needs like any human and wants. I live ok with out a man and kids but I am sickened by two faced liars who are just mummy hustlers. beware the serial d***-chick or bride addict and mummy hustler. I am saying "I thought you just said YOU DON'T NEED A MAN FOR ANYTHING A NOW YOUR WITH A NEW MAN AFTER LEAVING YOUR EX JUST A WEEK AGO AND PREGNANT PLANNING A NEW BABY AND YOU SAID YOU DON'T LIKE MOTHERHOOD OR THE IDEA OF ANOTHER BABY" LIKE ARE YOU SCHIZOPHRENIC? OR YOU JUST ALWAYS DO THIS CHANGE YOUR MIND LIKE A FIRE BALL RUNNING ? CUZ YOUR ALWAYS SO OUT OF CONTROL.

  • What does this have to do with the original post?

  • You sound like white Trash

  • When I'm actually Latina

  • People say to me like healers and counsellors "tell the universe what you want" the church say "make it clear to god what you want" and it will come then I read others like Dr phil and others say "never reveal what you want cuz others will take it from you" this is a mixed up world that is gonna get even more crazy. I mean what I say and do what I mean. I knew i wanted to try new career and work towards that.I don't change like the wind. therapy tells me "don't jump into things" but the people who do win" the liars get jobs over the honest. well one day their lies are just gonna get bigger and bigger til it stabs them in the back. I am so sick of serial d*** chicks and "love addicts and bride addicts" like on the soaps always wearing a new wedding dress and when does it stop? cuz it never does. within no time they are married they are on the hunt again. its just the nature of the beast within. you can't save people from themselves. like drug addicts and the love addict bride addict will go to all lying and all efforts to wear a new wedding dress and when the drama of that is over they need a new lie and dopamine fix and new conquest and new wedding to be bride again with the new next best thing. same with baby mill mothers the mummy hustler. I fear how insane these schizophrenics are. no wonder people avoid them. you can't believe a word they say. like narcissistic its the new schizophrenia like compulsive defiant personality disorders etc I am my mid 40s and still single and un-childed and unmarried and focus on education to get a career to go to the next level or affording marriage and motherhood but a lot of these schizophrenic women just start out on welfare young and unemployed work as prostitutes and get around having multiple sex partners with every relationship and know how to lie and win over stupid mindless men.

  • Shut the fuck up and take your Prozac

  • Sluts RULE!

  • Go with it, be his little slut! Have fun, sounds like a pretty good relationship seeing as you can talk about these things. Act out his fantasy and then share one of your own and he will fill yours. If you feel embarrassed to tell him what makes you wet and need practice talking about your fantasy, you can post it here and we will let you know if its hot, freaky, nasty, shameful, wrong, right or all of them combined :) Oh, yeah..... feel free to post a pic of your legs in those heels too!

  • Haha maybe some day if I'm comfortable with them

  • Nothing wrong with feeling and acting like a slut. Women were created with beautiful bodies, to compensate for their lack of physical strength and intelligence. All that women are good for is cooking, cleaning, and satisfying mens sexual needs. Once you acknowledge and embrace that sad reality, you can maximize your sluttiness to become a successful and happy woman.

  • LOL.

  • Darling you obviously like it, nothing wrong with being slutty sometimes especially with your boyfriend, do it and both enjoy it.
    Next time your neighbour is out put on some real short shorts a tight top with no bra that will show your nipples and your heels bet you see a wet spot on his crouch as you come back from getting the mail if you like stop and talk to him as a giant tease.

  • I'll think about it, I honestly did liked it but idk wouldn't it be some what cheating on my bf

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