I came home to a shocking sexual encounter

We live pretty far out in the country on 62 acres and our house is surrounded by forest so needless to say very private. We have a couple of large dogs mostly because we like them but also I think it makes my wife feel safe while I am working all day and I found out one day that she loves having dogs for another reason.
One day a few years back I came home around eleven in the morning unannounced, I drive a new car every few years so it did not surprise me that she did not hear me come home. I walked into the house and did not hear anything going on and I said in a pretty normal voice that I was home and how is your day going or something like that anyways. I did not receive a response and walked into the kitchen, I stopped suddenly when to my complete shock and amazement I saw my wife laying half on a patio lounger with her knees down on the patio, legs spread and one of our dogs humping away on her. She had on a pair of jeans with the whole rear end was cut out of them and she had a t-shirt on, she had her ass pushed up higher than her shoulders and I could see the dogs balls shaking back and forth as he rammed the hell out of her.
This went on for ten minutes at least with our dog pulling out and licking her then remounting and screwing away on her hard. I could see her fingers working her clit and occasionally helping get his cock into her, she would reach back and cup his balls from underneath. I stood there in the kitchen window watching and getting turned on more and more then as if that was not enough up came the second one and he was sticking his nose into the sex and licking away on both of them.
The larger dog pulled out and they both were licking away then our other dog mounted her and this whole tag team event went on for half an hour, at one point while one of them was licking and screwing her she slid to the side of the lounger, reached out and grabbed the cock of the other dog. She pulled it out sideways and licked and sucked on it for a few minutes until he pulled away.
I finally heard her moaning out while being mounted and masturbating herself then when the dog pulled out she got off the lounger and grabbed a towel cleaning herself off then dropped on the patio and wiped up the mess. I stood there by the kitchen sink as she walked into the patio door turned and screamed out at me. She looked at me with wide eyes and asked how long have I been home, I was not mad and I know I had a smile on my face as I told her that I had been home about forty five minutes and have been really enjoying the show on the patio. She was still staring at me then finally said so you not upset by what I was doing? I told her not at all, I was very turned on actually and would love to see it again some time.
She was still nervous and I was thinking that she did not believe me but I told her again that she looked absolutely hot out there getting pounded by them both and I told her I about came in my underwear when you sucked on one of their cocks. I asked when she thought she would do it again because I definitely want to watch again. She laughed and giggled and told me she felt so unbelievably embarrassed that I caught her doing it and I asked her how long she has been doing it. She looked up at me and told me that she has been letting dogs do this to her since was about sixteen. I was a little surprised by that and even more surprised that I had never even suspected a thing for some many years. I asked her if she would do it again this Friday evening or on the weekend so I could watch again. She responded with a surprised look on her face then told me okay.
Saturday morning came around and around ten or so she came up to me and asked if I wanted to watch her with the dogs now. I smiled really big I am sure and told her absolutely, she walked upstairs and put on her pants and shirt then walked into the kitchen. I had missed the prepping part and I watched with total intrigue and excitement as she smeared peanut butter all over her vagina and into herself. She walked out onto the patio and positioned herself on the lounger and it took only a few seconds for the dogs to get to her.
They went right to it licking her clean and after like five minutes one of them hopped up on her back and began thrusting, once he was out and hard she guided him into her and it was on, his tongue was out and he was pounding into her over and over soon cum was dripping out of her and he got down and licked her again for a few minutes then right back up again. The other one joined in and this time she coaxed the other one over and slid herself off the edge sucking on his cock really good. I was so amazed when I saw cum dripping out of her mouth down onto the patio and she did it again later with the other dog. She gave me an amazing show laying on her back at one point with her legs spread wide letting the dog lick her and sucking on the other one underneath him.
She finally got up and grabbed the towel wiping off her face and thighs, she came into the house and asked me if I was turned on by it all and I told her it was awesome. We went upstairs and she showered up then I made love to her for another hour. She does this for me a few times a year and I love it every time.


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  • Dogs fuck better than men!!

  • This is such bullshit. Dogs don't gang fuck like people do. How stupid are some people who believe this.

  • The hell they don't. Maybe you shouldn't spout off when you've no experience. Some of us do, and as one of them, I've been teamed by three.

  • I"d be headed to divorce court, myself. If getting gang fucked by dogs isn't grounds for divorce, I don't know what is.

  • You weirdo

  • My ex girlfriend had 3 dogs that she actively allowed to pound her as she sucked my cock amazing experiences xx

  • You are one very lucky guy. My wife knows my kink for watching animals fuck women, and she seems keen to try it one day

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