Neighbors from the old house

My wife and I bought a house in a great neighborhood about 18 years ago, she passed away about three years ago now and I retired last year, sold the house and moved to a smaller lake house about an hour and a half away. They have visited me a few times then one day in the late morning I heard a horn beep a few times and walked thru the house to see my old neighbor walking down the side walk from the driveway. I opened the door and welcomed her in and asked where Tim was at, she told me it was just her. I was a little surprised but then again she did not have a regular job and with their kids in high school she was probably bored sitting at home.
We went right to the back patio and I got her something to drink, I could not help but notice the bikini she was wearing under the loose fitting tank top and blue jean shorts. She has a magnificent body and for years I have watched her at pools and yard parties always wondering what she must look like without anything on at all.
After a while she told me she was going to take a swim, told her to have a good one and I would whip up some lunch for us. I watched her dive off the dock and made some sandwhiches while she swam. She came back to the patio without putting her shorts and tank back on, I was trying not to stare but her breasts were spilling out the sides of her top. I put the food down and we talked some more while we ate then afterwards she looked around and told me that my back patio had quite a bit of privacy. She then walked over to one of the lounge chairs and took off her bikini, I sat there staring at reclining back naked, she smiled at me and asked if I could get her the bottle of tanning oil out her bag. I stumbled over to her bag and rummaged thru it finding a couple of choices so I brought both over to her, I tried not to stare to bad at her but it was impossible. She smiled up at me and asked if she was making me uncomfortable, I told her while I am quite surprised she is naked I was not offended at all. She oiled up her whole front side which only made her look twice as attractive as her body glistened in the sun.
I tried my best to maintain the conversataion by turning my chair a little away from her and look out at the lake while we talked but after about twenty minutes she told me it was time for her to roll over, she then asked me to cover her with tanning oil.
I was finishing up her lower legs and tried my best to not look right up between her thighs but it was not easy at all and I was now thinking that she came over here to do more than just swim and sunbathe. I sat back down and we talked some more about things and again after about twenty minutes or so she rolled back over again. We talked a little longer then she asked me if she could use my shower, I told her of course you can and we walked into the house. I watched her go down the hallway towards the bathroom still amazed at her body. She walked out wearing a towel around her body then without any hesitation looked at me and asked when was the last time I got laid. I stood there not knowing what to say but managed to tell her something really stupid like a long time ago. She told me well, come on then lets go have some fun in your bedroom.

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  • I house/pet sat for my older bro and he had friendly neighbours,he always joked they were swingers.I didn't believe him as the guy was in his 60s and his wife in her 50s but she looked great.Anyway she came round when I was there on my own and flirted.I was a single guy in my early 20s so didn't mind.She asked me if I wanted to come over one weekend for some "fun".I said sure and she said by fun I mean you can fuck me and a couple of my friends.I was dumbstruck.She cupped my cock and ill admit I got hard.She asked straight up if I wanted it sucked right now?I thought about then said sure.She was on her knees so quick with her lips around my dick.She sucked so damn good too,best I've ever had to this day.I blew my load after 20 minutes and she slurped it all up.Anyway I chickened out of going over the following weekend.But few months later I house sat again.She came to see my and asked why I didn't show I said I got scared.She laughed and said if id still like to have her,I said most definitely.So we fooled around a bit on the sofa and then she put a rubber on me and I fucked her on the floor.It was damn good.

  • More we want more

  • Well she sounds quite hot but what was she like in bed?

  • So very nice for both of you I really hope you both keep it up .

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