He wanted me to do it

Why should I be getting the cold shoulder and angry eyes. My husband has asked and begged me to have sex with others in front of him and in different senerios. So when I finally caved in and did what he wanted. He wasn't able to handle it. Now I'm treated like an outcast or a bad wife. Guess what honey I liked it I liked when you're friends fucked me , I liked the way they treated me like a piece of hamburger. I'm glad it hurt your feelings. What kind of a man has his friends fuck his wife anyway.

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  • My husband of three years we've rolled played quite a bit early on to spice up our sex life which is great by the way I have no complaints but I made the mistake of saying our neighbors son who's 17 and blacks name one afternoon when my husband was calling me his bitch while fucking me on the arm of the couch.
    Then he asked me if I had thoughts about him and I told him well you wanted me to try Black and yes I thought of him and he's only 4 years younger than I am.
    Well 2 days later I see the both of them talking in our back yard as he got him to give him a hand setting up the above ground pool.
    They stared around 9 in the morning and as the day went on it got hotter and hotter and shirts came off and when I saw this 17 year old shirtless I couldn't take my eyes off of him. god what muscles and I imagined him holding me up against him feeling his muscles bulge pressing himself tighter against me god I had to shake my head to clear the thoughts before I did something I'd regret.
    Then it happened our eyes locked onto one another just as I licked my lips and he formed a kiss on his lips and I starred, couldn't take my eyes off of him.
    Well around 9 that evening my husband says hey lets go skinny dipping and I laughed and he said no one could see us. Well he talked me into it and the water was a bit on the cool side which made my nipples go hard and hubby started to play.
    Well he was holding onto me from behind and he asked me again if I though about what we talked about the night before about trying Black and I told him NO even tho I sure had thoughts about Tyler our neighbors 17 year old son but I was going to tell hubby that. Then he said close your eyes and think about a 10 inch cock fucking that tight pussy of yours, be a lot better than that 6 inches of mine you love so or so you say, just imagine it rubbing against you as I hold you, him looking into your eyes and kissing your lips and body

  • Well it happened Gerald stood before me hard cock sticking up at a 45 degree long thick and BLACK as he reached out took my face into his hands and kissed my lips god his kiss took me by surprise and he again kissed me giving me some toung and my hands took hold of his shoulders and pulled him closer to me and kisse4d him back. We started in kissing more and more and hubby disappeared and Gerald really started in turning me on, my breathing became pants my kisses became longer and longer and he started in 0h god his cock felt so hot against me between my legs tight against my pussy and then I told him Ger please fuck me hard with that meat of yours and kissed him.
    Gerald lifted me up positioned his cock right at the opening of my puss and slowly started entering me I kept kissing him and he started in fucking me going deeper and deeper till he started hitting my cervix and Pants, gulps, even muffled screams escaped my lips and he kissed me as he pushed even more of his hard cock into me .
    God Gerald fuck me oh god fuck me make me yours so I want only you god I love your cock deep in me as he pushed even more of himself deeper into me and I came, god did I ever. I kissed him hard telling him god I love your cock in me and yes you god you've made me want you more, more couldn't think of words to say I was a blubbering idiot.
    The next thing I know we're out of the pool and he's fucking me right on the lawn pushing all 10 inches of him in me then he tightened and I started in cumming on him again but he erupted in me one hell of as big squirt followed by several others and I stared having one of them earth shaking wild mind blowing orgasms.
    We layed there trying to catch our breath kissing each other he kinda raised up a bit said to me god how he loved having me for I was and still am so tight on him and I kissed him and told him god I'd love to have you all the time, any time you get horney come and see me and gave him a big kiss with toung

  • OH WOW darling I have been precumming since sentence one you are so very horny, I am going to have a tug thinking of your reply xx

  • This is really disgusting, not only how he tried so hard to make you swing, but also how he reacted. I'd understand if he suddenly got angry midway through or even after and picked a fight with him, at least then he'd have recovered a single inkling of his manhood, but no, he apparently just wanted to blame you for it. What a joke, you should leave him, he doesn't deserve you

  • It's crossed my mind

  • I made my ex's fantasy come true, by watching her get stretched out by 2 big black dicks. I thought I would have it, but I swear I have never been so turned on in my life!! I'd be wondering the same thing if I were you. It's not something that you just say for the hell of it...I can't say it's cool, if you turn around and get mad about. It's all she wanted, was to get used like a little slutty.

  • He got exactly what he wanted. It's really poor form to cry 'fowl' after convincing you to do this for him. Reversing himself and bad mouthing you is just really poor form. How do you respect him after that? Tell him to grow up.

  • I know he's acting so weird now

  • Tough shit for your little cuck.

  • Your relationship could recover, just give it time. Tell him that he is all you need going forward, and he'll learn from it. My husband wanted me to fuck his best friend, and I initially said no, because I didn't want to be a slut or allow his friend to cheat on his wife. Well, he finally wore me down and I said sure, let's have a quick threesome. My husband was doing just fine, until his friend started giving me multiple orgasms. He couldn't handle the sight of it. Almost immediately I became the "issue," as though I had done something bad to our relationship.

  • Still fucking his friend? I’m sure you are. Hubby sounds pathetic. You go get what you neeed.

  • Sounds typical your husband watched too much porn and when it happened for him he was not thinking it threw

  • *through.

  • I'm with you girl, my husband, did the same to me, but he got me drunk first, and I thought I was fucking my hubby but it was one of his friends. Now they all get to fuck me, whenever they want and he just watches

  • I would love to see i getting fucked plz let me watch johnfulop26@gmail.com

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