My friend's mom

I was at my friend's bbq. It was the 4th of July. I was drinking a bit and sometimes I would passively flirt with my friend's mom. Ive know them for 10years plus so i don't think much of it. Anyway, I went to the bathroom upstairs and no one was in the house. I knocked on the door and she said "I'm in here" so i said sorry and waited. When she came out i walked in and i noticed she followed me in. I got uncomfortable and really horny. She said "be quick and fast" it was wild. She is this petite old woman and her husband is fat. therefore i could see why she's horny bc he never fucks her. I pulled out and came all over the tile floor. As i cleaned up she went downstairs to attend the party. We never spoke about it. it was an one time thing but it was amazing. i was 22 at the end and she was 56


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  • Sweet, I bagged mine at his wedding, mom got wasted, (already divorced). The night was pretty much over, but she wanted to go to the hotel bar and keep drinking, I followed hoping for the chance. The 3 of us continued drinking, finally we were going upstairs to our rooms, we dropped off my girl, and then I dropped off his mom, got a quick kiss and peek, and was leaving when I decided to take the room key and come back for a cheap fell, when I got back to my room, my girl was out cold, I ran back to his moms room, I let myself in, as I was feeling her up, she woke up and we started to fuck, when we finished she told me to go back to my room before my girl wakes up. We never did it again though

  • Awesome, I had the same experience when I was 19, my buddies mom was 41. I tagged her same way at a party in the bathroom. She cleaned herself up with her underwear and told me to keep them. My trophy I still have to this day, 5 yrs later. We hooked up a few more times after that.

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