Loraine 2

A little while back I submitted a confession about seeing my wife using her dildo while watching lesbian porn and shouting her best friends name . I wanted to say to my wife what I had seen and heard but that would embarrass her , So I had a thought , I would tell my wife that she was talking in her sleep she would believe this because she had done this in the passed , So we sat down one evening relaxing with a bottle of wine , Then I said I need to say something that's been on my mind , I told my wife that the other night she was talking in her sleep , My wife asked me what was I saying , Then I exaggerating and said you was with Loraine and what you was saying and doing I can't repeat it , Do you want to tell me what's going on , My wife got teary then paused for a second She said I'm sorry , So I said just come clean it will be fine don't worry , What she said next shocked me , She told me that she really liked Loraine a lot and Loraine liked her , Then she said it was the Saturday night she was home late we had a few drinks and ended up at Loraines then thats when it happened , I said go on , My wife said we started kissing at first it felt good then touching each other I wasn't aware of Paul being there at that stage we was both naked , Then he joined us I didn't want Paul just Loraine , Loraine wanted me to suck him with her before I new what was happening I was kissing Loraine and Paul was inside me I'm sorry . I'm totally gutted

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  • Wow what a backfire Chump

  • Wow. I’m sorry.

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