The Best Kind of Karen, Pat 1&2


In college I started my own small business doing yard work and cleaning houses. And that’s how I met and fuck my first and last white woman.
I was a sophomore at a university in a good size college town. I had been doing yard work for a while around the town, but it’s such a seasonal job. So I decided why not clean houses, apartments, dorms or whatever. Once I started, it took off. I had a waitlist of people, which was amazing money wise. On of the first people to reach out was Karen. She was a mid to late forties bank manager. The first time we met I went to her office to hash out the details. I thought she was pretty but at that point she’s just a client. Karen was the only client I had with a house and since it was spring I did her lawn too. So I didn’t take any other clients on a Karen day.
Karen wanted her full house cleaned once a week and I would do the yard the same day. I would get up early do her yard, go home, shower then go to class. After class I would go and clean her house, and I was usually finishing up when she was getting home from work. And that first day cleaning her house started it all.

I’m finishing the dishes, she come in the front door then into the kitchen where I was. We speak, I keep doing dishes as she sits at the kitchen table and looks through her mail. Then I heard a familiar sound, I play it cool finishing the dishes. And once I cut the water off I heard it again. I walked around the counter towards Karen to put eyes on the sound. Of course exactly what I thought. Red painted toes rubbing together thru sheer tan pantyhose. I knew I had to break my stare before I get stuck fantasizing. So I asked Karen if she want to check over my work and she agreed.

So just to make sure you follow, I have a pantyhose and feet fetish.
Anywho when Karen stands up from the table, I notice all her attributes. Smooth breast that are accented perfectly by the U shaped collar of her shirt. Good width hips, very small but round butt gripped by her skirt. All accompanied by the even better sound of swooshing, by her nylon thighs as we walked through her house. Her nylon feet and sound of her nylon thighs could have been a recipe for erection, but I maintained composure. That was the hardest thing at that moment. Then she ask me something that made me sweat.

Karen: Do you mind washing clothes for me too. They’ll be separated, and I’ll leave special instructions.

I took a big gulp and of course said YES! Here we go!
Chapter 2
The next week I go back. Sitting in the laundry room are 2 large baskets and a medium size white mesh bag with a sticky note attached. The note reads “wash alone/leave in washer.” Of course I’m intrigued by this note so I unzip the mesh bag and it was like opening a treasure chest. The bag was full of worn tan pantyhose and one pair of sheer black. It took everything in me not to press that bag of pantyhose against my face. But honestly everything wasn’t enough. I brought the bag close to my face, just to get a quick whiff. I smelt hints of a intoxicating perfume. So slowly I pulled a pair from the bag, slid my hand inside. I was hypnotized as I rubbed my fingers together feeling the silky ness between my fingertips. Sheer to waist tan, no gusset. I pressed the crotch to my face, covering my mouth and nose. My heart beating faster with ever breath I take. My daze breaks as my knees buckled from cumming in my jeans. That was the second time ever I came without touching myself, even though I to this day try all the time. The other time was when I was twelve to the lingerie section of a jcpenny catalog. TMI maybe, but just a frame of reference. But anyways, after that happened and I came to my senses I got out of there quickly.
Then Friday morning Karen called me, and sultry sound of her phone voice made me immediately hard. She told me I forgot to take my money when I left Wednesday, and to come get it when she got off work.
So that afternoon I go over and Karen let me in the back door, in the kitchen. The kitchen table was covered in papers that she shuffled through to find the money and handed it to me. I headed to the door after she gave the money. Just as I reached for the door, her voice cut through the quiet air.

Karen: Come sit down for a moment, I have some questions for you.

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