There was this girl I was fucking, we were just fuck buddies. We were not girl friend and boy friend. We had made an agreement to just fuck. So when ever she was horny she could just call me and we would have sex. As we fucked more and more she began to play around near my ass hole and eventually started sliding a dildo in there. I had always wanted a girl to do that so I let her. After a while she started asking me if I was gay. I denied it at first, but she asked me why my ass hole was so big. So finally I came clean and told her I was gay. She asked me if I was a top or on the bottom. I told her I liked being on the bottom. She asked me if I liked getting fucked. I told her yes, I did like it. Then she asked me what kind of sex did me and this other person do?? I told her we do the same thing that you and I do. Then she asked me if I wore women's clothes. This time I lied and told her I didn't. I don't know why. She didn't like the fact that I was having sex with women and men too. She was concerned if the guy I was having sex with was a better lover then she was. I guess she never realized hat I had had sex with many guys and trannys too. She was also upset with the fact that I liked dick and pussy too while she only liked dick. Not my fault I'm a whore.

2 months ago


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    • I've got a girlfriend and we just had sex for the first time. I think it happened because she knows that I bottom with other boys and I like pretty things and pretty much wear panties like all the time. That's why she loves 💘 me so much, all the other guys at school were always trying to get in her pants and I wasn't. It's weird cause I was the first one and I had prettier panties on then she did.

    • Not all women can understand why a man loves cock. Some are disgusted by the thought of two guys together. Some get jealous over it and think that its cheating. In my case my wife found out that I was bi before we got married when we were teenagers. Like you I was always a bottom. I love sucking cock and getting my ass fucked. We ended up having an open marriage. We both love cock. So it works for us. She's the only woman that I've had sex with. And she is a good lover in bed. She says that we make love but when she is with other guys it's fucking. And for the most part it's the same for me when I'm getting fucked by a guy. It's just fucking. I've had a few that made love to me. But I would never leave my wife for anything.

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