She doesn't have a clue I've seen her spread open

There is a girl I have known since highschool. She's married with kids. But we still talk. I am a regular at a very popular bar in our area. She also comes to it often. Either with her husband or with another girl I've known just as long. A couple months ago she was there with her friend. She came over to the bar where I was and we talked for a while. When she went back to her table one of the guys that works there asked how well I know her, and I said very well. He said have you ever seen her pics. I said what pics? He said the nude ones. I hadn't. He asked if I wanted to. I was curious, so I said yeah. He opened one of those pic vaults on his phone and hand it to me. It was definitely her. She was looking right at the camera and smiling in most of them. There were lots of pics, and they left nothing to the imagination. I zoomed in on one in particular. She was on her back with her knees bent and pulled to her shoulders. Almost like missionary position, but spread wide. Tits, pussy, and asshole all in one pic. Her pussywas shaved smooth. Really nice nipples. There were some stretch marks from the kids, but not bad. She looked way better naked then I would have thought. I asked if he could text me that one. He said give me your email. I'll send them all. I noticed him pointing toward her and handing over his phone to a few other guys that night. The next time I was in there I didn't notice him doing it. But the need time I saw her there, he was doing it again. Every time I talk to her, or run into her, I love that I know every inch of her body, and she has no clue. But when I see him showing guys every time she's around I start to feel for her. How many guys have those pics? I found out that when her and her husband split up for a few months she started seeing her ex again. When she went back to her husband her ex started spreading the pics to all his friends and it snowballed from there. Should I tell her? Then she'll know I saw them. Will it ruin our friendship? So many guys have seen them anyway. I love that I have them. How many guys get to see a friend with her legs spread. I've zoomed in and studied that pussy and when she's talking to me, she has no idea. But the friend in me feels bad. How many other guys are talking to her and knowing there's a shaved pussy in those pants. I don't think I can tell her. If she finds out that she's basically walking around naked every time she comes to that bar, I'll act mortified, and console her. Then go home and beat off while staring at her clit

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  • Don't tell her. They're already out there. Nothing you can do about it now. Enjoy knowing what she looks like naked. Like you said. Not many guys get to see someone they know exposed like that. Any whore that would leave her husband and let an ex take pics, gets what she deserves. I'm sure you know other guys that have known her since highschool too. You need to hook them up, and let them enjoy her too. That's what whores are for.

  • My wife let me take nude pics of her befofe we were married she showed tits pussy also my dick in her pussy and mouth and I love exposing her and people said that's not right and I tell them the hor should have kept her close on and she should have not fucked for the camera so that's what the slut gets there is over a thousand guys that have pics of my wife with dick in her mouth I love my little hor wife she has no idea that she is a porn star

  • That sums it up well jack. The larger picture here is that this dame isn't alone or unique by any means. This scumbag is so liberal your head will spin. I know the personality of her tied to such a careless broad. They're out there ; I meet dames like that occasionally & steer clear of them. They have a scumbag agenda, are nothing but trouble & clearly need long term psychotherapy. Of course they will never submit to it, causing more girls they meet to sometimes adopt some of their sick personality traits ; further eroding society. No doubt this girl has all the earmarks of being raised in yet another single parent household, as that foolish concept is permitted to breed upon itself.

  • Don't tell her. Keep it to yourself. On the one hand she may be mortified to learn these are out there, on the other hand many states and cities have enacted all sorts of funky laws regarding revenge porn, bullying, misuse of intimate photos, etc and you could be found as guilty as the ex or whoever it was that put them out there in the first place.

  • To be honest I would keep quiet and deny you've ever seen them. Either way your friendship will be affected. And another thing, it's her fault for letting an ex take pics.

  • Yes tell her, and tell her who is showing her pics. That is terrible

  • You conspicuously blow your gender cover with a comment like that girl.

  • I think it would bother her more to know that someone she considers a friend is showing her nude pics to everyone. I definitely would not tell her that you that you have seen the photos. Bring it up to her casually if you ever talk about sexual things like asking her if she has ever done that with anyone, who knows she may have them herself.

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