Mother in law fetish

Why is it I can’t get aroused anymore unless I am thinking about my mother-in-law. She is in her early 50’s and super hot. She has the cutest petite feet which I fantasise about rubbing and cumming on.

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  • My MIL is in her early-mid 50s, very attractive with gorgeous feet. My wife inherited her beautiful feet. They both wear toe rings and or anklets a lot. My wife uses her feet to flirt with me in front of my MIL. My wife says she told her mom about my foot fetish (probably no surprise to my MIL). MIL flirts with hers but not as overtly...drives me crazy. I'd love to cum on their feet at the same time.

  • Thanks for the reply. Your situation sounds very good. I also like toe rings. My MIL often wears ankle bracelets. How does the MIL flirt with you?? I gave mine a foot massage in Nylons once.

  • Sorry for the long delay...for some reason this post was not showing up in my feed. My MIL usually slips off her shoes or sandals, scrunches and stretches her toes, glancing over at me to see if I'm looking. Shows my wife her new anklet, toe ring, or strappy new heels in front of me. MIL plays in a tennis league. She sprained her ankle once and when we were over at her house afterwards, my wife says "he massages my ankle after I turn mine, you should let him." My heart almost beat out of my chest as MIL hobbled over and sat next to me on the couch. My cock was hard as a rock as I gently rubbed her foot and ankle resting in my lap. She kept telling me thank you and that it felt so good. It never went further than that, but I know we both enjoyed it. My wife enjoyed it too, she fucked my brains out that night.

  • So are you going to initiate a strategy to pursue this?

  • Well I already steal her shoes sometimes, which I sniff and wank into. I gave her a foot rub once and nearly came. Not sure the best way to tell her

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