Doesn't sound that complicated, but apparently it is.

Our country's currently being ripped apart by full-on race riots, half of America thinks the other half should be nuked from orbit, and stunningly, there's still people shitting on Colin Kaepernick for protesting peacefully. You'd think the solution is peaceful protests, but somebody tried that years ago and my family still won't shut the fuck up about it. Ironically, there's no article in the Constitution that says you need to stand for the anthem; there's about nine other things that get violated every day, but it's a black person who's doing this one, so that's a problem. Apparently, white people don't want a peaceful protest, they want protests they can safely ignore. That's my takeaway, just in case this ever gets put up where anyone can see it(hint hint, site mods, get off your asses).

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  • It's open season on whity now. We are going to kill you white fuckers. We will get you. Walking down the street. Watch behind you cause we are coming for you. Paying you back for all the years of slavery and years of abuse from your father's and mother's . Retribution is at hand all you honkey mutha fuckers going to feel the pain now. Rise up my brothers and sisters time is now to do away with whity .

  • Bring on the war . Me and Uncle Ted have so much ammo that all we need is targets to choose in our sites. I'm ready if you aren't too bad. Time to show em how it's done. I have a JD front loader and backhoe so I can also bury em after I take care of business. Have plenty of ly also.

  • We are under attack from within and out. They want to destroy us. We have already lost so many of our freedoms in the name of safety. True freedom scares many people. But our way of life has been under attack for so many years. The United Nations wants to disarm the world's nations so they can control us. The only thing is they won't be able to disarm Russia , China, and Korea. We need a President with real balls. A man who will tell Russia and China to stuff it and throw the UN out of our country. Things have gotten worse. China not only started this current business of Covid 19 but they flood the world's markets with useless junk aimed at getting dollars from us. My husband says we should load all the crap they make into B-52's and drop it on Beijing burying them under it. I'm afraid we are in for a rough road a head. We have no more leaders of good moral character or even intelligent ones and neither does our allies . Great Britain has also long gone into the crapper and the liberals taken over as the rest of the EU. We are in sad shape. Biden is even worse . He's a puppet of the left. They have to tell him what to say. He keeps getting in trouble speaking on his own. AOC and her bunch hate our country and want to destroy us. I keep praying the good Lord returns and soon. What a mess we have been told a pack of lies by our leaders for the last 50-60 years. By men of low character who made themselves wealthy on our backs.

  • The BLM movement is infiltrated by Hamas and communist. Fuck them it's time to kill them all. Time to put this to it's end. I'm having too much fun watching them kill each other right now to want it to stop. It's like great fun watching the idiots on television and utube.

  • It's not the fact that Kaepernick protested, it's HOW he protested.
    Protest police brutality, fine, but don't go out and take a fucking knee during the National Anthem which has nothing to do with police brutality and everything to do with our military soldiers who happen to be brothers and sisters.
    If he wanted to march on Capitol Hill and demand action against ALL police brutality, then I would have followed him all the way. Instead he wanted to protest only when it was a white cop and a black suspect.
    Then BLM comes out and says black lives matter. Okay, I can respect that. You want call out your own cause, there is nothing wrong with that. BUT, don't stand there and tell me white lives don't matter or that I'm racist if my cause supports my own white race. Further more, don't stand there and tell me black lives matter while ignoring the thousands of blacks who are killed every year on the south side of Chicago.
    Don Lemon sits there and says black lives matter, but then says only some black lives matter, specifically those blacks killed by whites. So he wants to support a cause, but only when it fits his racist agenda. Which is calling out racism ONLY when it's against blacks.
    People like Don Lemon don't want to fight racism, if they did, they would call out ALL racism, they would call out ALL police brutality, they would call out ALL black lives. But no, they don't. Don Lemon is a fucking joke, just like Colin Kaepernick, and just like the whole fucking BLM organization.
    They are all nothing but a bunch of racist fucks who want nothing but to divide the country. But people are to fucking stupid to understand that. So here we are.

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  • Not in DC you didn't. DC is fucking blue, dumbass.

  • Yeah fumbass nigga

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