My girlfriend's Mom

I have been dating my girlfriend for almost 5 years. Her family is awesome, and her parents treat me great. They've even taken me along on family vacation. I'm a normal guy. Guys look at porn. I like amateur stuff. About a year ago while surfing an amateur site, I saw a thumbnail of a pic, and thought "wow that looks like Hannah's Mom" I didn't think it was, but thought it was just a striking resemblance. I clicked on it to blow it up. It was her mom sitting on their couch. She had white lace panties on, and that's it. Her mom's tits right there on my screen. I stared in disbelief. There was an album connected. It said 14 pics were in it. I had a very short moral battle with myself. And clicked the link. I was looking at my girlfriend's Mom. All of her. She was in various poses, on a couch I had sat on just the day before. I couldn't believe how good she looked naked. There were some stretch marks, but not too bad. Her tits looked way bigger than I thought they were. Her ass was real nice. The best tho. Her pussy. It was completely shaven. There was one pic, she was laying on the couch, one leg up on the back of it. The other foot on the floor, legs wide open. She was licking a big black dildo. There were no pics of her using it tho. I want to see that so bad. I reverse searched every pic. Nothing. I have beat of to those pics more times than I can count. I've talked my girlfriend into shaving completely smoothe. I'm imagining her mom every time I fuck her. I have come so close bringing up the pics to her stepfather. I want to see her pussy stretched around that huge dildo so bad. I don't know what to do.


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  • I would’ve jerked off so hard to those pics. I always hope to find pics or movies of someone I know.

  • I've always wanted to find pics of someone I personally know. You hit the jackpot I would say.

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