Love exposing wife's naked pictures on the internet

Guys have taken my wife's naked pictures showing full face and all and spread them around the web. Her picture has been used for bbw sex site ads, and has shown up on most major porn sites for amateur submissions. I can't get enough of it! She is totally unaware of all of this and I have started showing her pics to guys on skype and they stroke for her pics and talk dirty about her on cam while I show her off. I have fantasized about guys she knows seeing her and getting off to her thick body!

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  • Oh gawd I'll pass on the bbw pics. I will bet she has an unshaved unkept creeping hairy puss. You know that bile that comes to your mouth before you vomit? I just got that just thinking about such a site. But to each there own dude she is all yours.

  • It's great. I took them down, but, was having some fun one night with my hot older sister, firing off pics of her, when she got into it and naked. She let me take many of her, posed, walking, touching herself, and laughing, and joked "if these wind up on the net..". Until she said it, I didn't think of posting them, but then, told myself..Hell, yes..Let's show her off! I had them up a good few days, and did hear from guy I know, asking "Did you know that piece of ass sister of yours is posing naked online?", followed by "It's so fucking hot!".

    I told him yes, and that I was the one who put them up on the free amateur site, encouraged him to comment, and that they wouldn't last long. Also admitted I had many more, and may make it a regular thing, especially if I could get her to keep doing it for me (mixed drinks always helped). I did end up posting more of her from a hotel room we stayed at after moving a friend's kid to college, and they went over well. Haven't done it in awhile, but may be due.

  • One of my favorite guys on here is the guy with the "hot older sister." I of course since watching his post am really wanting to see her and them together.

  • How can we see them

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