Wife's admission

So my wife and I were laying down together and she admit something to me. She said, "Honey, there is a guy at work. He flirts with me a lot." I said, "Yeah. Do you flirt back." She said, "I'm afraid to tell you all of this. I dont want you to be mad at me or leave me." I said, "Just tell me. It's ok." She said, "Yeah, I do flirt back. He keeps taking it a bit further each time and I like it each time." I said, "Are you attracted to him?" She said, "He's cute." I said, "Are you attracted to him?" She said, "Yeah. I am. Very." I said, "Do you want to fuck him?" She said, "No way. Im married!" I said, "Just be honest. I'm not going to be mad. Does he make you horny? Would you fuck him. Just tell me." She said, "He hasnt touched me anywhere interesting yet. If he does, I'm sure I would get hot and bothered. I think I might want to have sex with him." She waited for me to respond but I didn't right away. She said, "See. You're mad. You are right to be mad. I shouldn't have said anything."

I said, "If he comes on to you, I think you should fuck him." She said, "You want me to cheat on you?" I said, "It wouldn't be cheating if I know you're going to do it. If he does it for you and you get the opportunity I think you should fuck him. What if he makes you cum harder than you ever have? What if it's amazing? If you fuck him, I kinda want to watch." She said, "You do?" I said, "Yeah. I do. I wanna see you naked and sweaty and riding another man's cock. I want to walk in after a long day at work and 'catch' you cheating. I think it would be hot as hell." She said, "You're sure?" I said, "Absolutely. I want you to fuck your friend." She said, "Before I have sex with him here and you watch, can I have sex with him once or twice alone?" I said, "I guess but why?" She said, "First time can be awkward. I want to get the awkward sex out of the way." I said, "Yeah I can see that."

That was 2 weeks ago. 2 days later she told me that she had sex with him. She was giddy about it. She enjoyed herself. She was laying on her back. I asked if he used a condom. She said no. I asked if his cum was still inside her. She said no. They had sex on their lunch break and it had been hours.

Yesterday, I text her while I'm at work. I said, "You gonna see Jeff today?" She said, "Yeah. We have the same days off." I said, "Have you guys had sex any more since last Monday?" She said, "Oh yes." I said, "Really? How many times?" She said, "5 times." I said, "Damn really?" She said, "Sorry. Can't help it. He's damn good." I said, "So Friday when I said you were wet as hell?" She said, "We had sex already. You were second." I said, "So...tonight?" She said, "Yeah. Tonight. You really want this?" I said, "Yeah. I wanna see you two having sex."


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  • For the past 4 years I've wanted my wife to go next door and get fucked by our neighbour.She finally did it 2 months ago.

  • I have shared my wife with a ship load of men and I don't get tired of watching another cock pounding her silly. Love it

  • So I'm at work when I texted her that. Just knowing that she's had another guys cock inside her makes me so horny. I'm trying to finish out the rest of my shift with a raging hard on.

    I get off work and head home. Can't get their too fast but I wanted to race home. Gotta do what I usually do. I pull up to the house about 9:30. I see an unfamiliar car in the driveway. All the lights in the house are out. The TV in the living room is on. I walked up to the side of the living room window. I can see that they are on the couch but the TV won't help me see what is happening. Can't walk in through the front door. I go in the side door by the kitchen.

    I take off my shoes and start to walk through the kitchen and into the living room. I peak around the corner. Her lover is sitting on the couch naked. My wife is in his lap facing him and she's also naked. I stand there and watch. My cock gets hard. I'm rubbing it through my pants.

    I hear them talking dirty to each other. He says, "Damn baby. You feel so good. I'm so glad you finally said yes." She responds, "Your cock feels amazing inside me." He says, "Better than your husband's?" She says, "Definitely better than his. I love fucking your big dick. My husband should be home soon." He said, "So? We have time to finish?" She said, "I want to finish either way." He said, "What if he walks in?" She said, "Then he will see us fucking." He said, "You don't care?" She said, "No. Otherwise we wouldn't be doing it here."

    She flips over onto her hands and knees. Her arms resting on the arm of the couch. He's behind her. Knee on the couch and standing on the other leg. He has ahold of her ass and is drilling her pussy.

    I decide to make my move. I back to the door and open and shut the door hard. She says, "I'm gonna cum soon baby." He said, "Did I hear a door?" She said, "So? Don't stop. I want you to cum inside me."

  • I want this soooooo bad, I want to hear more

  • I want to hear more

  • This is hot.

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