Spying on son turned into more than a mother could ever dream abo

Hey all. I'm a married woman mother of a son and daughter and have been with my husband for 30 years. I recently found out I had cancer and my alcoholic husband could careless to support me. My son still lives with us he's 22 and works fulltime and ever since I told him I had cancer he's been doing extra duty around the house. Watching my husband drift away from me physically and emotionally over the last 5 years from drinking has been a burden. He doesn't have sex with me he talks to me like I'm a slave and I've been done mentally for awhile. Well like I said recently I found out I was sick and my son has been fixing things and helping with stuff my husband never would so I've grown to admire the little things my son doea do. Last Sunday he was hanging a picture for me in the dining room he was on a ladder and I was standing there and for some reason I looked at his crotch and by god his manhood just hanging there sent a chill through me and aroused me in a way I've never felt. I reflected for awhile on the thoughts dancing in my head and overall I came to that I was attracted to my son and was curious about what I seen through his pants. So all week I've been spying on him I first caught him Tuesday in the shower through the keyhole to the bathroom and I was blown away.( I have glass shower doors) so it was easy to get an image. Just his man good hanging there was easily 6 inches soft. I got really turned on and than again Thursday I went to see if he wanted anything to eat ( not really but it was an excuse) when I walked into his room he was in the middle of masturbating and he pulled back and yelped. He said mom what the he'll. I apologized and walked out of his room. I was so horny for my son I went down stairs and played with myself.

Well after walking in on him I'm not sure if it sparked some type of imagination in him but about an hour ago he asked if I needed to use the bathroom because he was going to shower I said no thanks hun I'm getting ready to lay down. Well when he got out he walked out the bathroom with the towel over his shoulders but still exposing his pelvis and nicely shaped penis. He walks past my room and stopped and said goodnight mom I'm headed to bed mind you his penis was hanging out and had nothing but a towel draped over him. I said goodnight. I'm not sure if that was an invitation but I've been. Sitting here fighting the urge to go up and engage my son physically. Is this what he wants I mean why else would he expose himself to me like that after catching him playing with himself. Please help I can hear his tv and I want to go up there so bad but I don't know what to do.


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  • I'm betting by now, over a week later, that you & your son have " found the way". Furthermore, I'm sure you'll keep each other happy for a very long time.
    Look, love begins in the home, especially as a mother & son. It's given that emotional satisfaction always sustains ones good natured disposition. You two are fortunate as a man & a woman.

  • You should tell your son that your neck and back muscles are really tense from all the stress that you've been under lately, and ask him if he would come into your bedroom and give you a massage. If he agrees, strip naked on the bed and lay on your stomache with your legs spread wide so he can get a good view of your ass and pussy. Tell him to give you a good full body massage. That should be all the encouragement he needs to mount you and satisfy your incestuous desires.

  • Good advice! Listen to him and he advice down below about sharing your sons room for a night for any reason you can think of. Let us know what happens!

  • Find the right time.

    Explain that it's been many years since you've been porked.

    Desperate as you are for it, it didn't even occur to you that other men are ... well ... sexual.

    When you walked past me nude the other day, it was hard being reminded of what I'll never get again, but I'm glad you're obviously comfortable even though I walked in on you. This is your home too. You can do whatever you want...

  • Replacing your indifferent and no good husband with your son is not the answer to your current problems, it will create further problems.

  • It sounds like he was hoping you would join him. When this started between my mom and I, after the signs back and forth, she asked to share my room for a night because of “noise” coming from the house next door...I didn’t hear anything from next door. She was laying next to me and I was, like you, not sure if I was misreading signals but I felt her keep scooting over toward me and brushing against my penis which was hard by this point. At first I, again, didn’t want to think I was misreading things so I gave her more space but she scooted against it again. At this point, I got the message and reached over to touch her and we ended up having sex that night. The reason I put the whole story in the comments is so you can get an idea of what signals I noticed. Best of luck to you and I hope you guys go through with this because it was and has been amazing.

  • Definitely feelit out today... Dress sexy and say something seductive to him in a slightly kidding fashion. Maybe about how he has been more of a man than his dad has been. Follow with a comment about the lack of sex you need and a 'haha, sorry, you don't need to hear that from your mom, that probably grosses you out. Be real touchy feely

  • Cocks easy to get not sure it's the one you want to choke on

  • Don’t do it. I’ll come pound you.

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