Don’t want my wife to catch me

So I had sex with this woman I met at the bar tonight but I can’t get her smell off me and my wife will be home tomorrow morning. I’ve showered 3 times but I can still smell her on me. What do I do??

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  • Honestly I’m wondering how to get the smell of a condom off my dick too

  • There is a saying, " If it smells like colone leave it alone. If it smells like fish its a tasty dish."

  • THAT is a saying? Fish smells bad, too.

  • Not a fresh one

  • Yeah, you need to stop fucking those female skunks. If it's a human that stank you up that bad, you might wanna stop fucking them homeless bums.

  • Buy a few gallons of tomato juice. The acids and alkalines will get rid of it

  • If YOU can smell her, what's-her-name can sure as hell smell her!

  • Get sprayed by a skunk?

  • Definitely not!

    The skunk would smell so much better than him, she'd assume THAT was the woman, hunt down and murder the poor skunk!

  • Or don't cheat!

  • Yeah thats always the bad side of creepin because these stupid bitches have perfumes that stick instead of washing off .. I hope that shit washed off you in time ..

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