Adopted son and mom in bathroom.

For years mom flashed from bathroom, she always left door open when her two sisters were out and i peeked. She had a slightly chubby figure (well made) and would wear a slip which only half covered her hips. One day i approached the bathroom with my excuse and asked her if she would like talc rubbed on her shoulders. Amazingly she said yes son that would be nice. I was 16 and sexually aroused after watching her, she was 54. My erect penis under my shorts was gently brushing her hips as i rubbed her shoulders. Naturally my shorts were strangling my penis so i slipped them off. Now my wet throbbing penis was against her bare buttocks. Immediately i apologized and mom said dont be silly son this is natural. Does it feel nice son she said. I said yes mom i really like you as i wrapped my arms round her from behind. I began rubbing myself against her full bare bottom as her slip had moved up her back. Moments later i found myself ejaculating all over her bottom, back and everywhere. I began apologizing again and mom said this is nature son and you are a growing man. Every woman and man has needs she said turning round to face me. Mom then lifted up her slip over her head and this was the first time i saw a naked woman in the raw so to speak. Her breasts were a good size and she had a really lovely pussy which was shaved. She said son you have a lovely penis reaching out stroking it, dont you know you can hug me son its all right you know. We threw our arms round each other and began kissing, fondling and exploring everywhere. Mom then said i think its time we went to bed, the others wont be home for hours son so we can have a cuddle. When we got into bed we ravished each other, she showed me oral first which was fantastic as i was able to reach round and masturbate her at the same time. We both enjoyed cumming there and then and in the end we had full sex. Our sex went on for years. At the end of the day we were not related really and we satisfied each other regularly.

3 months ago

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      Incest covers legal guardian as well in most countries or it is covered under sexual assault! Morons!

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    • One particularly damaging result of incest is trauma bonding, in which survivors incorporate the aberrant views of their abusers about the incestuous relationship. As a result, victims frequently associate the abuse with a distorted form of caring and affection that later negatively influences their choice of romantic relationships. This can often lead to entering a series of abusive relationships.
      According to Christine Courtois (Healing the Incest Wound: Adult Survivors in Therapy) and Richard Kluft (“Ramifications of incest” in Psychiatric Times), greater symptom severity for incest survivors is associated with:
      * Longer duration of abuse
      * Frequent abuse episodes
      * Penetration
      * High degree of force, coercion and intimidation
      * Transgenerational incest
      * A male perpetrator
      * Closeness of the relationship
      * Passive or willing participation
      * Having an erotic response
      * Self-blame and shame
      * Observed or reported incest that continues
      * Parental blame and negative judgment
      * Failed institutional responses: shaming, blaming, ineffectual effort
      * Early childhood onset.

    • Early childhood onset
      Incest that begins at a young age and continues for protracted periods — the average length of incest abuse is four years — often results in avoidance-based coping skills (for example, avoidance of relationships and various dissociative phenomena). These trauma-forged coping skills form the foundation for present and future interpersonal interactions and often become first-line responses to all or most levels of distress-producing circumstances.
      More than any other type of child abuse, incest is associated with secrecy, betrayal, powerlessness, guilt, conflicted loyalty, fear of reprisal and self-blame/shame. It is of little surprise then that only 30 percent of incest cases are reported by survivors. The most reliable research suggests that 1 in 20 families with a female child have histories of father-daughter child sexual abuse, whereas 1 in 7 blended families with a female child have experienced stepfather-stepdaughter child sexual abuse (see the revised edition of The Secret Trauma: Incest in the Lives of Girls and Women by Diana E. H. Russell, published in 1999).
      In 1986, David Finkelhor, known for his work on child sexual abuse, indicated that among males who reported being sexually abused as children, 3 percent reported mother-son incest. However, most incest-related research has focused on father-daughter or stepfather-stepdaughter incest, which is the focus of this article!

    • Subsequent studies of incest survivors indicated that being eroticized early in life disrupted these individuals’ adult sexuality. In comparison with nonincest controls, survivors experienced sexual intercourse earlier, had more sex partners, were more likely to have casual sex with those outside of their primary relationships and were more likely to engage in sex for money. Thus, survivors of incest are at an increased risk for revictimization, often without a conscious realization that they are being abused. This issue often creates confusion for survivors because the line between involuntary and voluntary participation in sexual behavior is blurred.
      An article by Sandra Stroebel and colleagues, published in 2013 in Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, indicates that risk factors for father-daughter incest include the following:
      * Exposure to parent verbal or physical violence
      * Families that accept father-daughter nudity
      * Families in which the mother never kisses or hugs her daughter (overt maternal affection was identified as a protective factor against father-daughter incest)
      * Families with an adult male other than the biological father in the home (i.e., a stepfather or substitute father figure).

    • Finally, some qualitative research notes that in limited cases, mothers with histories of being sexually abused as a child wittingly or unwittingly contribute to the causal chain of events leading to father-daughter incest. Furthermore, in cases in which a mother chooses the abuser over her daughter, the abandonment by the mother may have a greater negative impact on her daughter than did the abuse itself. This rejection not only reinforces the victim’s sense of worthlessness and shame but also suggests to her that she somehow “deserved” the abuse. As a result, revictimization often becomes the rule rather than the exception, a self-fulfilling prophecy that validates the victim’s sense of core unworthiness!

    • Beyond the physical and psychological harm caused by father-daughter incest, Courtois notes that the resulting family dynamics are characterized by:
      * Parent conflict
      * Contradicting messages
      * Triangulation (for example, parents aligned against the child or perpetrator parent-child alignment against the other parent)
      * Improper parent-child alliances within an atmosphere of denial and secrecy
      Furthermore, victims are less likely to receive support and protection due to family denial and loyalty than if the abuser were outside the family or a stranger. Together, these circumstances often create for survivors a distorted sense of self and distorted relationships with self and others. If the incest begins at an early age, survivors often develop an inherent sense of mistrust and danger that pervades and mediates their perceptions of relationships and the world as a whole.


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