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How many of you can say that you really had sex with your son ????,,,AND ENJOYED IT...I'm not afraid to admit it i'm a single mom with a college age son and professionally employed and I can truly say the experience has been truly fun and enjoyable for both of us...

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  • Yes I can Agree to Son & Mom Sex I was 37 and my mother was 73 when it happened

  • 👍 lucky you

  • I fucked my stepson on a couch

  • I always wanted sex with my mum but I was never brave enough to try. Big regret.

  • No sex with my mom, but I did have a lot of sex with my gf's mom when I was 16. She was incredibly kinky, taught me things that would've taken a very long time to learn on my own, and the sex we had was still some of the best sex I've ever had, and that was 30 years ago! I miss her (she was still married at the time, too)

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