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I am in outside sales for a radio station. It's the only job I can get do to my lack of education. I was not selling any spots and was about to loose my job. I made a concious decision to do what ever it took to sell the time slots. I literally told my clients that word for word. So I have been performing oral sex and even sex with some of them including the man in charge of advertising at my husband's work. Sales are great now we are making money and I feel like a prostitute.

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  • You think you’ve got it bad? I’m a vacuum cleaner salesman. It really sucks!

  • Sounds like you have a shitty job, but are making friends. Could one of your clients get you a better job? I'm sure there are a lot of companies who would appreciate your skill set.

  • OH sweety your a bit of a nice slut aren't you, enjoy it

  • Thank you. I am having a good time and enjoying myself

  • You are surviving and earning a pay cheque, good for you.

  • You are a prostitute, but so what. Does that actually bother you?

  • A little bit , but not as much as I originally thought it would. I know this probably sounds dirty , but I actually look forward to seeing certain people and doing things with them.

  • That makes you a slut too. How does hubby feel about it?

  • He doesn't know

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