I like exposing myself to my mother in law

It all started about 15 years ago. My mother in law would stay the night to help with the kids while my wife worked 3rd shift. One night i went into the living room after everyone was asleep. I put on some of cable televisions finest softcore and started to masterbate. After a few minutes i heard my mother in law coming down the hallway, instead of stopping i decided to act as if i didn't hear her. As she come to the end of the hall she stopped and stared with her mouth open in shock, then she started to smile and covered her mouth with her hand and turned and went into the bathroom. It was such a turn on for me. I started trying to let her catch me more often and she did. Then I would stand at the window when she was walking up to the house and just be holding it and stroking it. She would look every time. Recently i have started just taking it out and letting it hang while around her. The other night she came to the front door to drop something off. I opened the door with it out. She handed it to me and the dog went to run out the door and she bent over to stop her. She was eye level with my dick. She said bye and left. In all this time she never said anything to my wife about this. She has never even said anything to me. It is such a turn on to me just for her to see me.

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