One night I came home 2hrs earlier than normal I came in through the garage into the kitchen , I must have been quiet I guess I could see the TV was on through a gap in the food hatch , Then I could not believe what I could see my wife in the easy chair fucking herself with a dildo ,she was watching lesbian porn she would never watch porn with me or use the dildo , I was in shock she must have been close to coming she started to speak I could not make out at first what she was saying , Then she started ramming the dildo in hard pulling her nipples , She was saying lick me out loraine suck my tits I want to lick your cunt constantly talking dirty , loraine was her best friend , Then she had a staggering orgasm like she pissed herself , I crept out of the house then came back normal time , Do you think this his fantasy or is my wife a lesbian

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  • My wife has had sex with other women many times. I have given her a hall pass to have sex with another woman if she wants. She always tells me the details while were having sex, I get really excited hearing about her having sex with another woman. She has fantasies about being gangbanged by a group of women with strap on's, dildos and fists. She likes to be pissed on by another woman and she would like to have sex with girls as young as 10 and has fantasies about young girl's.

  • Do you "let" her fuck other guys tho? because lesbian sex is just as valid as sex with your puny cock

  • Bi sexuality of men and women is normal and common. More people are bi that you think.

  • Let it happen Pal nothing like a good bit of girl on girl love to liven up your relationship with her.

  • Fantasy

  • Just encourage your wife to come clean if she wants a relationship believe me it will be good for you, my wife has had a relationship with her best friend since school and it continues today with no problems they are both happily married and do not flaunt it but love playing with each other that enhances her sexually for me, the friends husband and I go to the races together Saturday and sometimes away for a weekend and they get together then, a lot better than thinking what might happen when I was not home.

  • You sound very wise , that makes good sense have you ever watched them or has the other husband watched them .

  • No, neither of us really, we don't intrude, a couple of times I have run upstairs to use our ensuite toilet after getting home from the races or golf and walked in on them but no one worried I did not oggle just apologised and kept going once when I came out my wife asked if I wanted to watch because they were naked having a 69er but I declined they both laughed as I closed the door.
    In summer we go to their backyard pool and the girls are always naked and do play around with each other a bit but when it gets serious they go to the bedroom.
    We are all very decent people, at least we know they are not cheating.

  • Your wife is clearly bi. Do you think Loraine has interest in your wife? I'd be uptight if my wife fucked another guy, but I'd be okay if she fucked other women. I'd be into watching, if that were an option.

  • I don't want to lose my wife to anybody yes a women his different but I could still loose her , Has for loraine yes I do really believe she likes my wife there has been signs , Loraine was leaving are house one day and they kissed on the lips twice second time was longer , If things stayed fine yes to see them touching each others tits and going down on each other would be hot

  • I’d love to catch my wife doing that

  • It was unbelievable the vision of my wife ramming her dildo really hard into herself I won't forget that in a hurry , It was the hottest thing I had ever seen only because it was my wife doing it which makes it really horny .

  • You need to bring Loraine over some night and have a threesome with her and your wife. That way, your wife can fulfill her lesbian fantasies, and you can fuck both women together. A win-win situation for all.

  • It sounds good the thought of them together his horny , if it did not mess up things with my wife and me to watch them kiss and go down on each other most guys would want to watch that I think

  • Give her your permission to seduce Loraine she will love you forever

  • Do you really think so , I would not want to loose my wife to loraine , Thou loraine his also married

  • Hot.

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