Neighbors son

I've posted on here a couple of times of my bfs wanted me to wear heels during bed and questions about his fantasy's, anyways it's not about him this time, my neighbors son goes to my school he's really quiet and doesn't seem to have any friends at school, I don't believe he's ever had a girlfriend either and he doesn't seem to fit in at school, I've caught him a few times staring at me when I'm out side but I didn't really mind it, anyways it came to mind what if I were to have sex with him it honestly wouldn't be hard he lived right next to me my bf will never find out and I've been wanted to fuck some one else honestly, it might even boost up my neighbors son self esteem, I was thinking to do it like in the movies wear a thong a bralette the heels my bf brought me and cover up with a coat or something, I know when his parents leave to work I could probably walk over one morning before school for a quickie I don't think he'll last long lol or should I just find some grown man to have sex with ? Or should I make my neighbors son happy for once, I'm 18 btw

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  • I walked out in my favorite short skirt and top to take out the trash and i saw him i waved hi but he just stood there, gonna need some help should i just walk up to him and make out and drag him in side for a fuck or whatt, he seems so slow when it comes to girls

  • Throw the kid a bone and give him a pity fuck.

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