Can’t believe it’s the same woman

The girlfriend and I spent three days visiting her family, first day with her Mum, second day with her young sister and third day with her oldest sister.
For the purpose of this story I should tell you what I think she is like, she is strange very strange, dirty hairy and nails and smells, I’ve seen homeless people with better clothing.
So with that said you’re be surprised like I was to think omg I would fuck her!
The girlfriend and her sister were looking through photos, I wasn’t paying much attention until my girlfriend said look at these doesn’t she look beautiful.
In a white portfolio was sexy glamour pictures, omg she looked stunning, stockings and suspenders, high heels and topless pictures and apparently taken only 8 months ago.
How the fuck can someone transform to this standards, please don’t say makeup and photoshop!

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  • Drugs? Mental malfunction? Lots of things can make a hot babe go skank. Just keep an eye on your girlfriend, if she starts skanking out, pull back the canopy and bail.

  • I would say some form of mental illness.

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