After only three weeks of being married

I slept with his friend and it was wonderful, so wonderful I can’t stop thinking about it.
Since meeting my husband I’ve secretly had a soft spot for his friend, two years before getting married he and I have just known we like each other.
It was a natural chemistry both of us just dealt with until three weeks after getting married.
Three days after our honeymoon my new husband and I went to see him, we spent the afternoon laughing and chatting about the wedding.
The chemistry was still there between us, I know and he know.
When we left he gave me a big tight hug and whispered you look stunning.
Driving home I just couldn’t get him out of my mind, I had many thoughts and feelings going on in my head.
We had only been home twenty minutes and I told my husband I’m going to my mums.
I didn’t go to my mums I went to see my husband friend, at his house I sat in the car with my thoughts then got out and knocked on the door.
Hiya he said, what you doing here, I don’t know I said, without saying anything he invited me in.
I sat in the kitchen not saying anything, he didn’t say anything just started making a drink for me.
After a few minutes he said anything I can help you with, I shook my head no, I don’t know what he was thinking but he let me stay seated not saying anything.
A few minutes later I said, do you believe if you do something you shouldn’t but it will get it out of your system and you can go on in life pleased it happened.
Without saying a word he held out his hand for me to hold, he lead me up stairs, I can remember shaking and having my eyes closed.
He let go of my hand and returned with a scarf tying it around my head so I couldn’t see.
I was breathing fast, his lips past my lips just making contact, then around my neck, I could hear his breathing.
It seemed like ages as he undressed me letting each item of clothing drop to the floor.
I was gently rested on the bed and was made love too for the first time in my life.
It wasn’t sex, he didn’t fuck me he made love to me.
I was in pieces just from him caressing my body, It was an out of this world experience.
I don’t feel guilty for cheating on my husband, it really was just something that needed to happen.


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  • There's your husband, and there's your soul mate.

  • Love it ;)

  • You do not feel guilty for cheating on your husband after just 3 weeks of marriage? Do you even love this man?

    I am not saying you shouldn't have done it, but at least have the decency to feel guilty about it.

  • But you want it again tho don’t ya.

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