I got fingered at a party I had at home it was for my birthday. I went into the kitchen for a smoke and soon after a friends boyfriend joined me ww chatted for a while and we flirted together as no-one was in there with us..
I lifted my top up giving him a full eye view of my small tits.
The idea of my finance and his girlfriend being in the other room turned me on.. we kissed and touched each other before stopping and rejoing everyone else

1 month ago


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    • Enjoy yourself, if it feels good then do it!

    • You have nothing to be ashamed of.
      Please take some advice from this mid career female.
      In the past, I've done similar but I've actually went further. I did these thing while in a serious relationship and as a wife.
      Giving a quick flash of your breasts & getting 'fingered' is nothing to be ashamed of as long as it was consensual.
      In my 49 years on this earth, here are a few of my life experiences that I'm not ashamed of.
      I allowed numerous dance partners to get 'touchy feely' and even rub.
      I've flirted with a stranger at a bar, he placed his hand on my leg and went left for his room soon after.
      I've been at social events and slipped away to give a co-worker oral while my husband is watching sports in another room.
      You are You!
      Your body is YOURS!
      In closing, if you decide to go further than innocent 'fingering' PLEASE use protection!

    • Be ashamed because you did it behind your husband's back. If he was ok then it's all good, I give my husband's buddies blowjobs from time to time when he loses too much playing poker or golf and he is ok with it and I am ok with it. I never do it when I am not feeling it nor when he is not around. It's called trust and loyalty to your husband.

    • Good girl

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