She took her chance

Shannon, has a brother 9 years older than her, and as a teenager, she had a crush on one of his friends. She said he was nice to her and good looking, and at times when they went out to do things he would bring her along. In her young mind, she would think of them going out alone and him being her first.
He moved away and 15 years later, now she and I being married and him soon to be married. he came back into town to see some of his old friends.
My brother in law had called to tell her, to see if she wanted to stop by while he was here Shannon told me the whole story. And told me she wanted us to go over for a while.
I got along well with her brother, we often go over to help work on his house. When we went over her brother, and some of his friends were talking about things they used to do. after a while we all had been drinking and Todd was drunk, real drunk. Her brother saw that it might be time for him to go to bed, and took him to his room. He came back out and said he went right to sleep, one of his other friends asked what took him so long? He said taking his boots off was a pain in the ass and taking his pants off was not fun.
Shannon gave me a look like, I just want to take a peek, shortly before we had to go, she asked me to go upstairs with her, I was not sure why she wanted me to go, but ok. When we got upstairs she asked me to keep an eye if someone came up. Why? I just want to check on Todd.
As she opened the door, he was sound asleep, shirt and boxers on, I told her not to wake him. She looked at me and said I just want to see it. Oh crap. She went over and asked if he was awake and tried to shake him a little. He was out, She rubbed her hands together, I later found out to warm them up, she tried to pull down his boxers, but that was harder than she thought, but by doing so made them loose enough to pull his cock out from the slit in them. She felt his limp cock in her hand and stroked it, I'm sure hoping it was going to get hard, She looked back at me and pointed to her mouth. I told her if your going to do it them do it before someone comes upstair. She licked and sucked on him for a few minutes. She then slid her hand down her pants rubbed her pussy, then rubbed her pussy juice on his cock and sucked him again.
I know she would have enjoyed it far more if he was awake, but she did more than she thought she would ever get to do.

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  • Too bad he was so drunk, he would have done your wife in a heartbeat.

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