Cross dressing

I’ve been cross dressing since pre teen. I would even wear panties for some of my friends while we learned about sex. I learned that I enjoyed both men and women.
I enjoy being intimate with women, I enjoy everything about the female body. With men I just enjoy the dick. I want to taste dick, taste the pre cum, have thick loads of cum pumped in my mouth and throat. I want to feel the loads of cum pumped in my ass.
I enjoy the fact that lots of men will gladly let me suck their cocks while I’m dressed up, knowing that I’m not a woman, it doesn’t matter to them as long as I suck them until they cum. Some eagerly agree to fuck my ass. They only have to close their eyes, reach around and play with my fake tits as they pound my tight ass.
The best part of it for me is they pump their loads of cum inside of me and leave, some times we don’t even talk other than them telling me what they are going to do to me. Holding my head as they shove their cocks as deep in my throat as they can. Holding my hips as they pound my ass, with me meeting their thrusts with my own.
It’s been a while since I’ve put on my garter and stockings, and sexy panties, and went out hunting for a cock to please.


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  • I'm still in highschool,15, and love ruffled panties, garters and stockings. I've got two men friends and bunches of boyfriends that can't get enough of my boy's butt!

  • I want to suck on your boy cock while I too am all dressed up in ladies lingerie.

  • Me too. I love boys cocks & i love wearing ladies lingerie.

  • Wow thts hot I love men tht love to dress as women even better for me to cum in them I love to fuck men as well as wome

  • I would love to feel your hard cock being rammed in and out of my butt with my panties pulled down. Or i would love to suck on your hard cock and let you shoot your thick hot cum all over my face and mouth.

  • You have a lot of guts. I have this fantasy but no way would I act on it even though I really want to.

  • So what part is your fantasy? Letting men fuck your ass until they pump their hot thick cum deep inside your ass? Getting on your knees and wrapping your lips around a dick, feeling it grow longer and harder while you suck it. Sucking it down until you feel the thick cock head entering your throat, then taking in all the way in your throat until you have your nose pressed into his crotch. Teasingly licking the drops of Precum off of that swollen cock head and then sucking every drop of cum from that dick that you can get, and swallowing it all? Or is it your fantasy to cross dress? Have you ever dressed up before? Have you ever worn someone’s panties?
    How about telling me your fantasies?

  • My fantasy would be to find a nice looking lady who loves that i wear ladies lingerie and has son and daughter between the ages of 9 to 13 and would be down with all 4 of us having sexual contact with each other. I'd get to suck on a beautiful hairless cock and hopefully he'd pull my panties down and stick his stiff boner in my ass, while i touched, licked, and sucked on his sister's hairless pussy, while her son fingered his mom's shaved pussy. That's just the begining.

  • All of what you described are my fantasies. How do I tell you all my naughty fantasies?

  • You can tell them here. It’s anonymous so nothing will come back to haunt you.
    Just reply with some of your naughty fantasies and fetish’s. If you start a new post I will not know that it is you responding to me. I will enjoy reading your fantasies and will respond with my own or with experiences that I have had.
    I’m eagerly waiting to hear back from you.

  • I know the feeling. I love that too.

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