Weirdest thing you've seen at a party?

We've all walked in on shit at parties that took us aback. What's your story?

Mine was going to a pool party at a friend's house when I was 14. I walked out and saw my buddy's mom getting her pussy eaten by a female friend of hers. They were in their 40s. She told me to go back in the house, which I did, but man she looked hot.

26 days ago

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    • Two guys arguing one pushed the other guy. The guy who was pushed started to walk away then turned around walking up to the other guy and put a pistol to his head and fired. Then he ran away. The police caught him a few days later.

    • When I was in my 30's, I went to a pool party with my girlfriend. We had only been dating a few months. The sex was great and she was always horny. I noticed she had been drinking a lot. Both of us were talking with friends, and to be honest, I actually lost sight of her at one point. I checked in the house and she wasn't there. When I went out to the front of the house where all the cars were parked, I noticed a guy standing in between two cars. From what I could see his pants where down. When I walked up to him, I noticed my girlfriend kneeling down sucking his cock. They quickly run to the backyard, but that was the end of our relationship.

    • Typical

    • Be bold. do it

    • The barbecues in our neighborhood have become a fuckfest for one of the cutest of the neighbor's wives. Early twenties in a retro short frayed cutoff bib overalls and tank top and sexy cute panties showing like always who wouldn't dip some cock into it?
      The problem is my husband kinda understands and gets hot'n'horny by me acting like a schoolgirls even though I'm twent-three but is still jealous?

    • I was at Walmart about a year ago and ran into an old high school female friend. Got invited to a party at her house. Probably 15 to 20 ppl there. Everyone drinking. She asked me to go into her bedroom and get a set of dirty dice to use. Walked in to see 2 guys I knew naked 69ing. They looked up and saw me and one said, "Hey there. Close that door and come join us if you want or let us finish up." I joined them

    • I was at my girlfriends birthday party and we dared one girl to go steal booze from her dad! So she did and in the middle of the night she sneaked out again and after about twenty minutes I followed her. She was in his room with her jammie bottoms off and her jammie top open and Mr "Smith" was totall frenching her and feeling her up and rubbing her down there! Then he pulled out his thing and got on top of her and started going in and out! Our eyes met and I could see she was crying as he broke her cherry and the next morning we didn't say anything about it. He pulled out and shot in her face and hair and I guess only I knew what it was!

    • Was at a friend's house and walked in on him and his girlfriend blowing some old dude. Didn't know what to do so I just stared and they didn't even notice. The old dude just winked at me as I left. Never mentioned it to him or his girlfriend but I never could get the image of my friend sucking that wrinkly dick as his girlfriend was licking on that old dude's balls out of my mind

    • I was with my new girlfriend at a gathering of mostly her friends. Most of us had returned from a beach and were still in our beachwear. One girl decided we needed to liven the party so she got us to gather and announced she just took a Ruffie. She did it to herself so she didn't want any wimps claiming she couldn't consent. Her rules were no permanent marks or damage so she couldn't show up to work tomorrow. Don't disappoint her by letting her find out we limp dicked out.

      It seemed the women knew and expected this event. I was SHOCKED and had no intention of participating. I did want to watch. She got naked and teased people until she got sleepy and passed out on the kitchen table. Before she felt any effects a guy promptly started feeling her up. She teased him, claiming she knew HE couldn't wait. She was almost fully out when another guy started feeling her up too.

      As she went under my girlfriend wanted me to be the first to step up and bone the girl. I was limp and not into this and told her so. She said if I did she'd do anything I wanted with her (my gf) if I took a turn. I asked why and they said, "The Golden Rule." She dropped to her knees and fluffed me right there. We weren't fast enough to be first so I got seconds. Others were WAY higher numbers.

    • Yeah, when I was single I had some bold girl friends that loved having passed out, blacked out or drugged out (Ruffie) sex. They'd taunt the rest of us by saying stuff like we were wimps for not trying it. We should be a good sport, for the guys, and try doing it or letting it happen. They claimed not knowing what happened when they woke up was a major part of the fun of going along with it. I had been around them enough, by the time I tried it, that I felt confident that I knew who was going to do what to me while I was sleeping. Waking up was no joke. I hated how my head and body felt. It was really disorienting to wake up in a stranger's home. Truthfully though, if the situation was right, I could see doing it again.

    • WTF?

    • My older sister had a party when our parents were gone, and I saw her getting spit roasted by two guys. The weird thing for me was how into it she was, rocking her hips and totally in heat, trying to get off. I'd never thought of her ever being horny before.

    • At theI was in seven grade and they invited me to a party and there was a room that had girls sucking guys cock like there was 6 pairs of them so yeah

    • Seventh-grade girls sucking dicks? That's my kinda party!

    • My name is Honey, I live in Hollywood Fl, I'll be in 7th grad next year, and I'll suck off any guy for weed

    • Not long after we were married, my wife and I went to a cookout at her best girlfriend's house. The girl's parents were there and maybe 30 other people, mostly her parents' age. I was sent to the utility room to get ice from the deep freeze, where I happened upon my wife's friend's mom . . . . . . MASTURBATING!!! I backed away, hoping to avoid embarrassing her, made noise outside the door, then jiggled the handle and reentered, pretending all was normal. Nothing was ever said, but I have always remembered that woman to this very day, wishing I had offered to "lend her a hand". Or a tongue. Or a dick.

    • I high school I was at a party where a girl was drunk and super horny! She was a wild one and she decided that if everyone gave her money she would masturbate with a beer bottle. So being horny teenagers we gathered up as much as we could. Probably about $200 buck. And she agreed. She got on her knees on the kitchen table took her pant of and slid a beer bottle in her puss. There were about 15 of us guys an girls all watching and cheering her on. She fucked it for about 2-3 minutes before she came in the bottle. She got off the table, put her pants back on and kept partying. Great night!!

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