Dating etiquette

I've been dating this new guy Roger for a little over a week. We're both late 20s and still getting to know each other. Mostly we've been just going out to dinner, watching movies at our apartments, going for walks, stuff like that.

A few days ago he wanted me to meet some of his friends, so we went to a party. There were maybe ten people there. Everyone was really nice to me, and it was a good time. Towards the end, after about half of the people were gone, I went to help clean the kitchen, which was covered in dirty dishes and beer cans.

I was ready to leave, and went to round up Roger, when I saw that another couple (Janet and Michael) were fucking on the couch out in the open--Janet was on top, riding him with her tits out of the top of her bra. Roger was watching, so I grabbed him by the arm and said it was time to leave. He said, "In a minute," as he rubbed his dick through his pants. I said, "They are being weird, let's go" and he said, "No, let's watch. It's hot." He then pulled his dick out of his pants and started stroking himself until he shot a few loads onto the carpet below. I said, "Can we go now?"

On the way back to my place we talked about it. I said I really thought what he did was inappropriate and that I didn't like the way he was ogling Janet. Sure, I get that she is a beautiful woman with a great bod, but she and her bf must be weird to fuck in front of people and I told Roger that he was weirder for getting off to it. He said it was no big deal, but I replied "It was a big deal to me."

This was the first semi-argument that we've had. Otherwise things have been great. It really bothers me that he thought it was appropriate to whip out his dick like that. What is wrong with guys? I'm going to give him a chance to redeem himself, but I think he needs a whole new set of friends along with a new moral perspective.

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  • Dump

  • This is something you will not change about him, and you will in time find out more. If this something you don't like best to get out now.

  • He shot his load on the carpet?

    That part would bother me, don't stain my carpet, man.

  • LOL.

  • Step it up a notch and next time touch yourself saying things about Michael's cock and see how he likes it

  • Don't tell him to dump his friends.

  • Its not a big deal if you talk about it

  • You realize that is NOT the first time this has happened?

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