Shocked at the swinging club

We've had a great sex life but recently the wife and I have started going to a swinging club,we were both really nervous at first as you can imagine but I've got to say the people we've met have been great,your not forced into anything you don't want to do,the more times we went the more relaxed we felt plus its horny as fuck watching your wife getting fucked! It was Saturday night once again and we both got ready and headed to the club,the usual faces were there,we had a couple of drinks then I noticed someone I knew the other side of the room,it was Roger,he lived on our street with his wife Hazel they were both retired school teachers,they were friends with both our parents in fact they'd taught me and the wife! Fuck me I thought,Roger noticed me and wondered over! Well fancy seeing you here he said! You alone? No I said Jane ( my wife) is here somewhere,what about you I replied? Hazel is over there come and have a look! I followed his lead,there she is ! Hazel was getting dp'ed and sucking another guy off!! Bare in mind they were both 65! Roger tapped the two guys fucking her and said sorry gentlemen I need my wife for a minute,they pulled out of her holes and Hazel got up and turned around! Look who's her honey said Roger! Slightly embarrassed Hazel looked at me and said oops you know our little secret and winked at me! So what do you reckon Dean,you fancy fucking Hazel? I'd known these two from a young age and there was something really dirty about it! My cock was rock hard definitely I said! On one condition said Roger? Get that wife of yours over here for me to fuck!! Ill get her now I said! Off I went looking for Jane,I found her at the bar flirting with a few guys! Babe I said your not going to believe who's here? Who luv? Roger and Hazel! What!! I know I said,I've just watched Hazel getting dp'ed and Roger wants to fuck you! Are you serious said Jane!! Come over here I said,Hazel was on her back with her hairy cunt on show getting fucked by a black guy,Roger was naked to wanking watching his wife getting fucked! I gotta say Rogers cock was pretty big! Jane was transfixed on Roger wanking,well hello Jane don't just stand there come and have a feel! Jane walked over blushing Slightly,omg Roger you taught me and your friends with mum and dad! I've dreamed about this moment Jane,now get on your knees and suck my cock! Wow!! This was the hottest thing I'd ever seen! Jane dropped to the floor and started sucking away! Look at Dean while you suck my cock,she glanced up with a mouthful of cock and so did Roger! I'm going to fuck Jane in front of you Dean and Jane? Dean is going to fuck Hazel!! Take your clothes off Jane let's see you! Jane stripped off,oh my a natural pussy just like Hazel I see,lay on the bed and open your legs,Jane did what she was told,she was soaking wet! Roger pushed his big dick into my wifes hairy pussy,you could tell by her face he stretched her wide!! Hazel was next to them getting fucked herself,look who I'm fucking darling said Roger! Hazel looked at Jane and said do you want to see your husband fucking me? Jane was to caught up in taking Rogers huge cock, Hazel was rubbing her hairy cunt,fuck me Dean! So there I was fucking my old teacher that was friendly with both our parents and her husband fucking my wife! Fuck her in the ass Dean said Roger! Omg this was hot,Hazel got on all fours put her ass in the air turned to me and whispered fuck my arse! She took me easy,what about this tart of a wife of yours Dean? She do anal? Oh yes pal,go ahead,Roger obliged,what a night this was,there we were side by side fucking each others wives in their asses mmmm Hazel then blew my mind, I want to taste Jane's pussy while you fuck me! Jane had been with women before but she wasn't that keen,Roger pulled out of my wifes ass,Hazel started sucking Jane's tits before moving down to her natural cunt and kissed her clit,Jane was in extasy,put it back in my arse Dean said Hazel! What a sight was before me,fucking Hazel in the ass whilst watching her eat my wifes cunt!Hazel looked up at Jane and asked if she'd ever had two cocks at the same time,we'd used dildos but never two guys before,Jane shuck her head,well your going to try my girl! The best position is reverse cowgirl hun! Roger layed on the bed and my wife lowered herself asshole onto him,I could have cum right then! Go on Dean fuck her pussy,Jane had a filthy grin on her face! Mr and Roger were dping my wife and it was incredible! See I told you you'd like it said Hazel!! I was ready to cum,Hazel was just there! I pulled out of my wifes cunt and emptied my load into Hazel's waiting mouth!!! Mmmm she said! Roger let off a groan! He'd cum in Jane's arse! Roger! Hazel shouted! You didn't even ask Jane if you could fill her arse up! With that Hazel moved between Jane's legs and sucked her husbands spunk out of her ass,I couldn't believe my eyes,she then crawled up to Jane's face and dribbled Rogers cum into my wifes mouth!! Wow what a night,we've met a few times since at their house which is next door but one to my parents!! If only they knew

28 days ago

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