His Aunt And Her Boyfriend

My husband and I have been married for a while and I started to get the seven year itch. My husband's aunt started dating this new fella who is a few years younger than her. She seem to be happy with him and I noticed he eyed me a lot, I'm a BBW with big tits and ass. My husband's aunt friend looked good for his age. We was at a family get together and I got to my husband's aunt. I learned from her that her boyfriend use to swing with his wife and he has an endowment that can please. His stamina got her hooked on him. I didn't mean to confess to her that I had the seven year itch being married to her nephew. She confessed to me her boyfriend eyed me a lot and wouldn't mind humping me if it didn't upset her.
We was at another family get together. I was cleaning some of the dirty dishes in the kitchen when my husband's aunt boyfriend wrapped his arms around pressing his groin in my butt and feeling my breasts. We was caught by my husband's aunt and she kept quiet about it and didn't say anything to anyone.
I had to drop a package at my husband's aunt house. I helped myself thru the back door and saw her giving her boyfriend a blow job. He surely was endowed and I watched her take it deep in her mouth. They noticed me and motioned me to come closer to feel his cock. "Want that? " my husband's aunt said to me and she asked her boyfriend if he was still interested in humping me.
Things began to happen so quickly. My clothes fell on the floor and I was pushed down on my fours and he guided his cock cock in me doggy-style. My husband's aunt started feeling and sucking on my hanging tits. I never experienced a woman feeling me. She placed herself on the sofa playing with her nipples and clit and watched her boyfriend dog me and slapping my ass. "Fill her good hun! " she blurted out and saying that I wanted a fresh cock.
Ever since that, day my husband's aunt welcomed me to swing with them and try to get her nephew interested in swinging also.

22 days ago

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