My Exhibitionist Wife ...

Before we got married my wife always dressed and acted very conservative. I'd always assumed it came from her father being a preacher and her mother it appeared was an ice queen. We had sex starting at 15/16 and I was the first guy she'd ever been with. We got married when we were 18 and not long after just as a joke I pretended to take a picture of her in the shower. Actually I had just pushed the test button on the flash. She was furious and chased me out of the bathroom.

I went in the living room to let her cool off. She was in the bedroom for quite a while an I assumed she was just giving me the cold shoulder. It was almost bedtime so I was surprised when she came in with her hair fixed really nice and had put makeup on, nail polish & lipstick and was wearing only a see through red housecoat opened in the front. Not her usual routine for bedtime. I was shocked when she said if I wanted to take nude pictures of her she didn't want to look like a wet rat in the shower. Then ask if I wanted to take them in there or in the bedroom. I couldn't believe she was actually going to pose for nude photos. But I surely wasn't going to ask questions.

I had a polaroid camera and took 2 packs of photos " 20-pictures " of my very hot 18 yo-wife in various poses. It amazed me at how she seemed to be so comfortable and how she looked so sexy. Not just her body that was smoking hot but her facial expressions and the way she acted. At 5-8, 110 lbs 34C-24-35 with long auburn hair and green eyes she was a natural beauty. But she for some reason had never thought of herself as pretty and certainly not as being sexy. But she was a natural in front of the camera.

After that night we started taking picture at least once a week and she'd began to start ordering sexy outfits to wear in the pictures. But I'd always thought the photos would never be seen by anyone but us. Then one day after seeing some vacation pics a friend had taken with a 35mm camera we couldn't believe how much different the quality was. That night we were talking about it and I told her the only problem was who ever developed the film would see her photos. It was a real surprise when she casually said that would be ok. So the next day I bought one. We took 2 rolls of film that night and sent them off to a photo lab I'd seen in the back of an adult magazine.

It took almost 2 weeks to get our pictures back but well worth the wait. I could tell she really liked the way they turned out. And that night in bed she started talking about them and about someone seeing them. An admitted that it kind of turned her on knowing some guy saw her naked and how he might be home right then jerking off thinking about what he saw or maybe even made copies of them to get off to. She even began talking about what he might be thinking as he looked at her. Fantasizing about fucking her or her sucking his cock. And as she was talking about this she was stroking my cock and had started getting really excited. She was breathing hard and I could tell she was really getting off thinking about some stranger seeing her naked body in sexy poses.

After that night I saw a huge change in her. At work she still had to dress very conservative. But at home if some of my friends came by where she would of usually wore something that really covered her up she started wearing short shorts , halter tops & tube tops and if she had on a button up blouse she had it buttoned where when she leaned over you could see inside it. At first she'd still have a bra on then as time went by she would have it almost completly undone and wouldn't wear a bra. With the exception for at home she didn't dress quite so revealing around town. But when we were out of town she was wide open.

We'd take little trips out of town a couple of weekends each month and she'd start taking every opportunity she could to expose as much of her sexy body as she could. On the way there we'd stop at convenience stores and she had a cpl of dresses she had fixed just for that by sewing elastic inside so if it was untied the elastic would pull it wide open. She'd go in and go down the candy aisle which was always right in front of the register to keep an eye on kids trying to steal candy. She'd go to the end of the aisle and stoop down showing lots of leg getting the cashier's attention. Then she'd get a handful of penny candy in each hand an as she stood up would let the belt on her dress come loose,the elastic pulling it wide open. Underneath all she'd have on would be a garter & sheer stockings. Her nice big tits with there huge puffy nipples & hairy pussy there in perfect view. And with her hands full of candy she couldn't close her dress. So she'd walk all the way to the counter on display for the guy's working there.We would do that going out of town and coming back.

Of course she would expose herself to truck drivers. And this was in the 70's & 80's when everyone had CB radios. I'd put one in our car that was under the seat and the antenna looked like a regular am/fm antenna so the truckers she flashed would be talking about her and they had no idea we could hear them. We would also stop at shoe stores where she'd flash her pussy to salesmen. Once we got to the city we were going to we'd find a hotel,preferably with a bar a pool and room service.

During our stay she'd lay by the pool exposing her tits every opportunity she had. In the bar she'd go in first and would always have guys hitting on her. An on the dance floor rubbing her ass. An when she'd sit down she'd let her dress or skirt open exposing her long sexy legs and her stockings. Or lean over so the guys could see her tits. After she'd gotten some attention I'd come in. At first they'd be nervous but soon they'd see I had no problem with them checking her out.

Once we got into swinging we hooked up with several guys for 3-some and moresomes. In our room she'd order room service and she'd answer the door in sexy see through lingerie, garter & stocking only or on occasion she'd be completly nude except for a pair of spiked heels. She'd always stay behind the door until they were in the room. Then when she closed the door there she was. She'd take her time getting the money putting on a good show for them. I'd always try an watch from the bathroom or balcony so they'd be thinking it was just her there. We also called pizza & chinese delivery.Which she ended up giving one pizza guy a blowjob. And a number og guys and one girl felt her up.

Sometimes if there were vending machines or an ice machine and she was feeling really adventurous she go get a soft drink or a bucket of ice with only a towel on. And if the opportunity came up she'd drop her towel. She'd also go out on the balcony nude during the daytime. I usually was the vouyer watching her. But sometimes when the maid would be coming around we'd pretend not to hear them knock and let them walk in on her sucking my cock or me fucking her.Which I will admit I did on one occasion when I was out of town alone on business I had noticed a hot young maid on my floor and let her walk in while I was jerking off. But mostly I just watched.

Once we'd got into wife swapping, 3-somes etc. we started going out of town to adult theatres where she'd strip and let anyone there see her. And usually give a blow job to some of the guys or let them fuck her. All while others watched. We also went to adult bookstores and would go in the back and once we'd found a few we felt easy in she'd take her dress off as soon as we got in the back and be in only a garter belt , stockings & heels. And would walk around like that in the halls and go in the booths & leave the door/curtain open so they could watch her sucking guys off through the glory hole's. Getting felt up by lot's of guys in the hallways.

There are many other various times she exposed herself when out of town. And the boldest time at home was one night the paperboy was out collecting and she answered the door in a towel. It turned out he had another young boy with him and she let her towel fall off a couple of times. I was at a window listening to the boys while she was gone to get the money. And it was wild hearing them talking about what they had just seen. Going in detail about her hairy pussy & big tits. An one of them commented to the other about a time they had spied on his sister in the shower an how my wifes tits were bigger than that guys sister.

Its no telling how many guys saw my wife naked in person. Not to mention her having her picture in both gallery & genisis magazines amateur photo contest. You couldn't see her face very well and they use a fake name. But it was hot knowing guys/girls all over the place were seeing my wife's hot body.

But it still amazes me after all these years how after seeing herself posed in sexy photos she came out of her shell and saw herself differently. And she became more self assured and confident,out going in all aspects of her life.
And I certainly enjoyed watching.


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  • Your story looks and sounds just like ours to me. My wife showed her body every chance she got. The time period was the 1980’s just as yours. She was allowed to wear very revealing outfits to work. She worked at a construction company. Short skirts, hi heels. No bra. She is well endowed 38C. If you want to exchange stories let me know.

  • When women break out of the Baptist box, they break out!

  • My wife who has a model type figure and very pretty came from an ultra conservative family in a tiny rural farm town. She dressed as such as well.
    You could tell she had it going on somewhere under the layered shirts and loose pants.

    I got involved with her and when I saw her naked the 1st time I thought what a crime to try and hide all she owned. We got into staying naked when we were at home but she drew the line with anyone else but me seeing her naked. She was absolutely petrified of it.

    I tried for years to get her to visit a nudist resort with me but she would not. Then one day I was getting into the hot tub with my buddy and she came out naked. Soon after we joined a nudist club. Literally thousands of people have seen her naked. I love watching people look at her.

  • That sounds hot as h**l I,d love to see her. An I know how you must have felt. When my wifes pics were in those 2 magazines we knew hundreds of thousands of guys/girls would see her sexy body. And seeing the magazines on racks in stores etc would get me hot all over again knowing someone was going to buy that magazine and see her....

  • Sounds like a great deal...Congratulations.

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