More than the carpet got laid...

My wife and I got married at 18 and soon after got into the swinger lifestyle. We'd had mfm & ffm threesomes and wife swaps as well as a few small gang bangs. But the thing that was always on my wife's mind was exposing her hot body off when and where ever possible. And we'd found it worked out better if I wasn't there when she did this as guys tended to get nervous and not really check her out like they did if they thought she was alone. And what made it even hotter was if she was able to seduce them. Sometimes giving them a blowjob, other times fucking their brains out. And it was such a turn on for me to secretly watch my sexy young wife doing this. Letting guys see her 5-8, 120-lb, 34-DD-24-35 body with long red hair & matching bush, sparkling green eyes and full pouty lips. And she didn't just have a nice body but was actually very beautiful as well.

We'd do this sometimes in hotels where I'd hide on the balcony or in the bathroom and she'd answer the door in sexy see through lingerie or towel that "accidentally" would fall off, or at times totally naked or in just a garter belt & stockings and heels which was her favorite. But at home I'd placed several small peep holes around the house and I'd watched her expose herself to delivery men, various repairmen and even a couple of my friends who'd dropped by. And she'd managed to not only let these guys see every inch of her sexy body, but had seduced several of them and that included two of my friends. Most just got to feel her up and suck on her tits & get a fantastic blowjob. But a few got to fuck her in various positions, and yes my friends were among the ones who fucked her. I'd also got to secretly watch her have sex with a couple of her girlfriends who'd have never agreed to let me watch and thought I had no idea Lynn was bi.

But my favorite was when we were having some carpet installed. When they got there she answered the door in a totally see-through nightgown pretending to have forgot they were coming. After letting them in and letting the three guys get a good look at every inch of her sexy body she left the room to change. I was watching in another room right next to them and could hear every word they said. And they had definatally liked what they'd seen. And were being quite graphic as to things they'd like to do to her. When she came back she was wearing a very skimpy pair of loose fitting shorts her ass was hanging out of and if she stooped down opened up where you could easily see her pussy and a low cut baggy shirt that if she leaned over the least bit let you see her big tits. The guys went to work and I left for my job. But Lynn told me later about all the times she'd exposed her tits & pussy to them and things she'd overheard them saying. At one point one of the guys was staring at her pussy as she stooped down spreading her legs wide open, and she looked at him and said you guys want something to eat? And saw his face get red, then added that she was going to burger king and would get them something if they wanted.

She went and got lunch and as they ate took every opportunity to lean over showing them her tits. They were only able to do part of the job and would be back the next day to finish up. That morning she answered the door in a housecoat that you could see right through with the morning sunshine coming in the front windows. They got to work and she put on an outfit similar to the one the day before but of a thin white fabric her huge nipples could easily be seen through. She called me when they were finishing up and I came home parking around the corner and went in through the basement door that was right next to the room they were in. Lynn had left for a short while saying she was going to the bank and had put on a black wrap around dress as well as fixed her hair & painted her nails and put on dark red lipstick. But they'd only gotten a glimpse of her when she left. I was getting rock hard listening them talking about how much they'd like to fuck her and in what positions etc. Soon after her getting back they'd finished up and had been taking their tools out and when she went to give the boss a check she asked if they laid anything other than carpet? He explained how they did all kinds of floor coverings and then asked why did she have another job she'd like them to do? At that she let the dress fall open and slide off of her arms to the floor leaving her naked except for a black garter belt & stockings and a pair of spiked heels.

She said yes I'd like the three of you to lay me and said having them looking at her the way they had the past couple of days and overhearing some of the things they had said had her horny as hell for 3 hard cocks at once. They were stone faced and the boss asked if she was serious or just messing with them. Her response was to get on her knees and pull his cock out and start sucking it. It wasn't long before the 3 guys were naked and my sexy wife was taking turns sucking them off. They played with her tits & sucked on them and ate her pussy. And they were telling her how turned on they had been those two days seeing her dressed the way she was and asked if she'd been intentionally letting them see her tits and sexy ass? She said yes, and said how often would she get a chance to be fucked by 3 guys at once. Then said that she loved nothing more than to have all her holes filled at once with 3 hard dicks. Soon she had a cock in her mouth and another in her pussy and a third " the biggest one " up her ass. And they'd swap places every once in a while so they all got to try each hole. When she knew they were going to cum she had them all cum on her face & tits, which is something she loves. Then she started lifting up her tits licking off the cum and what she couldn't reach she scooped up with her fingers and sucked it off. To fuck with them a little she said the only thing that could have made it better would have been to have a really hot girl there to lick all of that cum off of her tits. One guy asked if she was into girls too? She said sure and said no offense but no guy could eat pussy as good as another girl, plus she loved sucking on a hot girls big tits then getting in a 69 position and getting each other off with their mouth's.

She gotten the reaction she'd wanted as all 3 guys cocks were coming back to life picturing her with another girl. And she asked how many of them were fantasizing about seeing her with their wife or girlfriend sucking each others tits and eating each others pussy? All three raised their hands. After sucking each of them off a bit they were all rock hard again and ready to fuck her for a second time. This time they filled her pussy and ass full of cum and she looked at them very seductively and asked who'd like to watch their wife/GF lick all that cum out of her? Again all three raised their hands. She said it was too bad they weren't there because she'd love to have someone eat the cum out of her pussy and asshole. That's when things took a surprising twist when 2 of the guys looked at the third guy and he got a big grin and got between Lynn's legs and ate her ass & pussy licking up every drop of his and his buddies cum. But it was clear the 2 guys liked it as they were stroking their cocks as they watched and ended up with him taking their cum as well. They packed up their stuff and left, but one guy lagged behind and handed Lynn a note with his phone number and told her he and his wife were swingers and that his wife was really hot and very bi, and said he'd even send a picture of her if she wanted.

We ended up swapping with them a couple of times, and his wife was smoking hot and very bi.

Jul 27
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