Should i try?

It's me again from the Honestly need a milf confession. So I have this friend that I've known since middle school and his mom is honestly a petite milf and I've thought about talking to her on messenger and trying to subtly seduce her or turn her on in a way what are your guys thoughts of what I should do or say?

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  • I wouldn't do it in a way that is traceable - you should chat her up in person when she's drinking, that always worked best for me! I had sex with an ex's mom when I was much younger, and I've made out with a few moms of friends through the years too.

  • Oh i know what you mean .. Ive had my share of milfs, hell and gilfs both petite & curvy .. all I gotta say is their amazing in bed the thing is they won’t fuck you if you don’t have any sex appeal .. yeah so if they don’t find you appealing in any way, shape or form then theres nothing you can say to turn them onto you .. I can see if your friends mom keeps flirting with you then my advice would be different .. i can tell ya this though, the best way to get to know her is by humor .. jokes, laughter & funny stories always gets them to loosen up & may even lead to some flirting .. so make her laugh & see where it leads ..

  • If you don’t know, you’re not ready

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