Should I hook up with younger women?

I've always looked really young for my age, I'm 35 and just recently somebody mistook me for being 16. A couple of the girls that have been hitting on me or around the ages of 18 & 19 and 23. I'm honestly not sure what to do.

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  • Pick one to target for sex. Chances are she'll tell the other two, and one or both of them wiil up their effort to get your cock in them. If not, you've weeded out bitches that you won't waste time and money on.

  • Go for it. Watch out for the drama. Don’t get attacthed

  • As a man and from experience I would say don't do it. Most of them have issues or are crazy. I am now involved with several older divorced women who certainly know how to treat a man.

  • Go for it I would

  • Gotta' go for it, but be careful. Hot younger girls with "issues" are death for guys.

  • Go for the 23 yr. old. At least she'll be legal !

  • Where I live 18 is legal, but I do get along a lot better with the 23 year old.

  • What are you GAY or what?

  • Go for it, I'm 52 and fucking a 23yr old. Met her on tinder, she's extremely gorgeous, dumb, but gorgeous. Her bf dumped her for a milf, she comes over whenever I want, I fuck her and she leaves, and when she wants she calls and I give her a time. But the only down fall, she may not be experienced, cause mine just likes to lay there. And her pussy smells, I never eat her out. Been doing this for a year now

  • Are you married? If not, go for it. If you are, tread cautiously, those young girls don't understand boundaries and you'll get caught up. Enjoy life to the fullest.

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