I cheated with my BF's best friend

I found out my BF made out with another girl when he was on spring break with swim team.
I'm in a class with his friend so when we were doing a partner project at his apartment, I flirted and we ended up having sex.
I went to my BFs apartment and had sex, and I even made him go down on me.
He has no idea, and I haven't broken up with him cuz I haven't decided if I want to LOL.

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  • Evening the score is perfectly ok. I had a bf who was sending dick pics to another girl and sexting her. Really pissed me off. I think they cheated but I wasnt sure since they denied it. What they did was already enough to make revenge fair.

    My bf's best friend came over to see my bf, but he wasn't home yet. I said he could wait and asked if he wanted to get laid. We fucked and I took a pic on my phone of his cock in my pussy. I sent it to my bf with the message "are you coming home soon? Your friend is here. He's cumming soon too".

  • I smell a fart in the air scam haha its a guy trolling you

  • All you beautiful women who love dick! I love women who need more than one dick to satisfy them!!!! You all are wife material 😍

  • Wow I thought I was the only bad girl to let my boyfriend go down on me after his friend dumped his load in me. It was more of a turn on letting him clean his friends mess up and him not knowing.

  • I love bad girls who fuck other men and give their boyfriend the privilege of cleaning your pussy! You'll make a great wife one day!

  • LOL I know, I came so hard several times because the thought of what I'd done was driving me wild. Also, he's really good at oral and I don't know if I want to break up...

  • Women should be able to fuck whoever they want whenever they want. It's a privelege to eat your pussy remember that! Women wear the pants in the relationship and should be able to do whatever they want whenever they want. Keep fucking other men and allowing him to eat your pussy afterwards. I would eat your creampied pussy happily!

  • That's great, my bf didn't want to drive me home after a party, and he wanted to stay, I told him I wanted to get laid, but he insisted he stay, so his friend drove me home. During the ride home I gave him road head, and invited him inside, where we had sex, afterwards he left and my bf came home, and we had sex too. And yes sweetie I let him go down on me too

  • I love all the bad girls in this post! Keep up the good work and remember women can fuck whoever they want to whenever they want to. He's lucky you let him even go down on you after what he did! So so sexy

  • I always wanted to try being second, you go young lady

  • Then do it! What are you waiting for?

  • You’re young, it doesn’t matter, no one cares.

  • I care! She's expressing her sexual power over men. I love women like her!

  • Hey Luvtard, you have to be one of the leading twits on this site.

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