Being watched

I have always loved to masturbate in public or risky places. many times I stroke by a window when I am at a hotel or motel. I have seen people watching me and hope someone will come over and use me. I have also make a sign that I am a cocksucker as I stoke my cock and drive with the light on in my car so truckers can see. I would love one to pull over and shove a cock in my mouth and ass. Turn me into a lot lizard for trucker cock. Even humiliate me with a hot golden shower.

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  • I was stroking mine one night from a motel window and this mean old man saw me as he was walking to the ice machine in his boxers. He came back and told me to let him in or he would report me. Scared that he would, I let him in. I was already naked, my erection fading. He glanced at me briefly, set his ice bucket down, and pulled off his boxers. He sat on the end of the bed, stroking his normal-sized, but, uncut cock. " Get over here on ya' fuckin' knees and polish my knob, ya' faggot ! " I did as he ordered, and he grew bigger in my mouth immediately. I was surprised how big he got, at least eight inches ! I got quite erect, again, and stroked as I sucked. He was rock hard, a big ugly mushroom head on that prick. "Ya' got a rubba ' ? " he wondered and I did. "Get it, faggot !" and I retrieved one from my toilet kit. He opened it and pulled it over his purple erection, carefully. "Okay, get on ya' hands and knees right on the end of this bed, that sweet ass facin' me !" I did as told, and for lube he spit on my anus, and a little in his hand. He fingered my ass roughly and entered me even rougher. He spanked my ass as he plowed me. He fucked me forever before finally grunting loudly and thrusting HARD ! He filled the condom with his nasty, hateful, old man cum. Then, he pulled out roughly and threw the oozing condom on the floor. I got off the bed, stroking my erection, hoping for reciprocation. He laughed at me, slapped at my cock, and assured me, "Hey, fuck nuts, you're the only fag here ! " Before he left, he told me, "Hey, for what it's worth, that's the best ass I've had since prison ! I'm in room 213, come see me if ya' wanna suck some more, and gimme that ass again ! " I did, and the next nights session was even longer !

  • Rubba? Was this in Boston? The Holiday Inn?

  • South florida, in a Hojo's , and he was from some flyover burg near Boston...I think.

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