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After twenty some years with my wife, sex is some what boring lately. She's still a great fuck, but eventually, all things become rather boring. So, instead of going out and finding another woman, I sometimes masterbate, and try knew things to keep it interesting.
So, anyway, long story short, my wife came home early yesterday, and caught me in bed with my dick buried balls deep in a chicken. Not a live chicken, but a fresh plucked,whole frier. My wife totally freeked out and ran out of the house yelling and screaming, calling me a sick freek, and threatening to call the cops on me. I'm like, what the fuck? I know for a fact she's had more than one hot dog up her vag, a couple of beef sausages, and numerous vegetables and a few bannanas. What's the differnce? It's not like I was fucking a live chicken.

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  • A troll for sure. Look at the 10 year olds basic lack of spelling skills. He can not even spell the words, "Freak" or "masturbate".

  • I prefer a good butter ball turkey myself but I go in thru the neck hole. I put plenty of veggie oil around and inside then just have a great time screwing it.

  • Hahahahahahaha

  • Maybe she had planned to cook it for dinner.

  • What a stupid fake story

  • You're a stupid fake story.

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