White Women and Black Babies

I worked with two black men at a job years ago when my wife and I had been married for around 20 years. They were known for fucking the white wives of other co workers. When I first heard about them fucking wives that my wife knew and hung around with, I starting thinking about them fucking my wife. I invited the two of them over to watch football one Sunday and I told my wife that she should wear something revealing to make my friends like her. I knew that my wife was willing to be fucked and it was only her loving me that kept her from having sex with other men. I laid out a revealing low cut t shirt and short skirt for my wife to wear while she was taking a shower Sunday morning. My wife looked at the t shirt and skirt and asked about underwear. I told her that she didn't need any. She looked at me and said so you have finally decided to let me fuck other men. I smiled at her and said yes I have.
We only saw the first quarter of the game before my wife was naked in our bedroom with one black dick in her mouth and one between her legs. When the guy fucking my wife had come inside her the guy that was in her mouth moved down and stuck his dick in her. Then I heard voices and our two teenaged daughters walked into our bedroom and watched as the second guy came in my wife. The first guy turned to our daughters and asked them if they wanted some. Both of them said that they did and they took off their clothes. Then they laid down on our king size bed and one black guy got between the legs of each of them. When they started fucking my daughters each of the guys looked at me and told me that they were good girls and had kept their viginity until then. They were fucking my daughters for a long time since they had both come in my wife and I was so horny watching them fucking my daughters that I got on my wife and fucked her in her sloppy come filled cunt.
The guys kept coming over on Sundays and they fucked my wife and both daughters each week. My daughters also started bringing their boyfriends home on Friday and Saturday nights and would fuck them. Their boyfriends never knew that my daughters were fucking the black guys until they got pregnant and gave birth to two black babies after getting their boyfriends to marry them. Both of their husbands accepted the black babies and have stayed married to my daughters. My wife also got pregnant at 44 years old and we have a black baby.

11 days ago

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    • Lots of women out there with low self-esteem.

    • A lot of women are horny and willing to fuck other men as long as their husband (or father) lets them. My two son-in-laws get all the benefits of having very attractive horny wifes who enjoy sex. They get more sex from their wives than many married men even though their wifes fuck around with other men.

    • It was a believable story until you added the part about the daughters.

    • Why don't you believe that teenage daughters are horny most of the time. It was only a matter of time before their boyfriends would have gotten to fuck them. Them being fucked by the two black guys opened them up to being fucked by their boyfriends earlier. My wife had other lovers before me and I never wanted my daughters to only have sex with one man.

    • Did not know they made trailers that could fit a king size bed. Guess it was a double wide like your wife.

    • It was a king size bed in a four bedroom two and a half bath house on two acres.

    • Since we have been married my wife has a two black babies. I raised them as my own. Are families didn't care for it. I never had a problem with her fucking black men. I have seen the enjoyment that it gives her. Hearing her moaning and watching her cumming with them is the most exciting thing I have ever seen. We now have four kids two black and two white. Two boys and two girls. I love my wife and if it makes her feel good fucking other guys than who am I to stop her. In the long run its just sex. She not hurting Are marriage.

    • Your out of your cott6n picking mind

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