Wife Peg

After we got back to our room Peg was very quiet and unsure of herself but I was excited after watching her and John go at it for over an hour.
Peg had sobered up though and was unsure of her feelings so I held her and whispered in her ear how exciting it had been for me we were in bed and I was off the wall horny but when I tried to roll her onto her back she protested that she was a mess after John had cum in her but I wanted to fuck her and feel his cum with my cock so she gradually relaxed and we fucked then laughing we stripped the messy sheets' off the bed and cuddled up.
Peg was in the shower when I woke up and I was surprised to hear her in the shower singing so I glanced at the clock and it was only 6:30 so I drifted off again we were supposed to meet John for Breakfast at 8:30.
I woke up again when Peg now fully dresses shook my shoulder and asked if I would mind if she went down and woke John up and I said hey wait and I will go with you but she smiles shyly and said Please babe let me do it.
I grudgingly agreed and laid back and she leaned over me kissing my lips and said we will meet you on the Lido Deck at 8:3o babe and hurried out.
I laid back intending to get some more sleep but visions of my wife and John fucking kept me awake so I finally showered knowing that my sweet innocent Asian was getting Royally fucked by now.
Every time I closed my eyes I would see again John's naked ass in between Pegs open legs so I went up on the Lido deck and got some coffee and wandered around aimlessly.
I was surprised at her quick turn around now and we had all three agreed that on this cruise they could have an affair but I didn't know then how anxious Peg would be then.
I looked down at my watch again and it was 7:30 so I took the elevator to deck 7 the promenade deck and circled the ship twice with these visions of John and Peg locked in sexual embrace with her clawing at his back in those of orgasms.
I was torturing myself so I made my way back up to the Lido deck figuring they should be through by now and I stood by the Ice cream cubicle as we had agreed on but it was 20 minutes after 8 now so I circled through both dining rooms looking for then but they weren't there yet so once again I stood there waiting for then until 15 to 9 when I was getting pissed then I heard Pegs tinkling laughter and I spotted her and John holding hands and she was beaming up at him as they approached and she squealed in delight when she saw me and ran up to me her eyes dancing in excitement and whispered sorry hon he wanted to do it again but he couldn't cum so we are late.
After breakfast Peg had to go to our room again and change and shower again because her panty's were soaked with his cum so when we debarked we talked it over and decided to rent a car for the day and look over Honolulu and it was a fun day but Peg and John were like newlyweds hanging on to each other possessively and I was again the third wheel and once on an overlook above Honolulu Peg and John fucked in the back of the SUV while I kept a watch out for other people.
That evening after dinner we were up onthe top deck watching the movie and it was something we had already seen so we walmked around talking easily now and Peg was comfortable with her two men.
It was after 10 and the moon was coming up through some light clouds so Peg went over leaning on the rail murmuring about how beautiful it was and John steppef up behind her taking her hips and pressing his cock up against herPeg laughed and wiggeled hersaa teasingly then John started to lift her skirt and Peg said sharply dont John someomne might come by but he wasent to be denied soPeg told me keep a watch out Jim I dont want to get caught like this as John freed his cock and pulled her pantys to one side then he was in her and Peg laughed again saying god I have a grown daughter and her I am acting like a teenager as John pulled her back on his cock and then he was fucking her rappidly.
Peg turned to me saying keep a watch out bammit and looked back up at the moon.
One guy walkled by but only chucleled as he oasses us then John was cumming again.
Peg was tired so we parted after kissing him goodnight and admitted that she was to nervous to cum bujt it was very exciting and I once again got to soakk my cock in his cum.


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  • You lot are savage!

  • Have u pegged peg

  • Pegging hell, you're peg mad mate

  • That was to fuck with your mind jerk.

  • I’m sure it was! I’m sure it’s all part of some grand scheme! LMAO You’re fun man! I like you!

  • Hear hear for Pegs husband

  • Another Peg post above! And I found one on adultconfessions! Where he switches from Peg to Lea!!! Wtf?!!! Post 38828!!!!!

  • Crying reading comments!😂

  • What is so weird about the name Peg? Short for Peggy, which is also an old nickname for women named Margaret.

  • Yeah, Miss Ann Peg was hella sexy.

  • What's fucking right with it.

  • Sorry there is only 20000 words for each post here so since My wife and I are not that anal thing you brought up if you are really interested in it get on your hands and knees and I will let out German Sheppard peg you and who knows you might fall in love.

  • I see o0nce again that you have left kind and thoughtful remarks for my wife and I .
    First let me tell you a little about myself.
    In school I was not what you would call a best student and when I turned 17 I joined the Marine Corp to look for world wide excitement but unfortunately I didn't seek any further training and I became what is better known as a grunt or cannon fodder to the Corp.
    We were quickly dispatched to Kuwait When Saddam had made moves on their Oil fields and after several days he invaded them so we were told to expect some action and I was full of myself wanting to get involved after all I was a well trained killing machine.
    Well the Navy Seals were the first ones in securing a beach head then us foot sloggers were the spearhead that would cross over into Iraq and teach those bastards a lesson.
    I remember on board ship we had watched clips of the people we were going to kill and when their rockets were mentioned you know SKUDS
    Well we made jokes about them talking about their women.
    Well the whole country looked like it was on fire as the retreating Iraq army set the oil wells on fire when they moved out and heavy oil filled clouds hung over us with an oily film coating everything and even our clothes was soon heavy and soaked with that shit and the only way we could protect our eyes was to duck our heads but that wasn't very safe so for several days.
    We suffered through it and there was no place for our close air support because of the oil filled clouds so when we did make contact with the Iraq army there were sporadic fire fights with losses on both sides then we got word that Saddam was threatening to nuke us or chemical weapons so it became a mind thing .
    Well as you know the war did not last that long but some of us did some very intense fighting and years after that was settled a lot of us have developed COPD and I work out several times a week to fight it but some of the guys I served with are no longer with us.

  • Oh pegger off!

  • I hope Peg is on Pill,cuz if Peg ain't on Pill,then Peg will end up Preg.

  • Too fucking long. Go take a English as second language class.

  • The comments on this post are hilarious!

  • I did think this was going to be about your wife pegging you.

  • Tough shit don't read then or better yet I just wont post anything here anymore . I'm not wild about this site anyway.

  • And this sites not wild about Peg

  • Dude you've clearly upset the lady, change Pegs name via deed poll. Peg is not a sexy name, it's quite an irritating name really.

  • I 3rd this. I couldn't read it either as I immediately thought of Peg off hi de hi.

  • You could always just kiss my ass if she upsets you.

  • No thanks Peg might have pegged you up there.

  • Well that is not my problem.

  • Well maybe you should divorce Peg, as her name upsets me.

  • I couldn't read your post because your wife is called Peg. I dislike that name. Peg. It goes through me. Say it... Peg. *shudders*

  • Thank you! The name just kills a boner!

  • To Bad I love it.

  • Ohhhhhhhh Peg is ASIAN.... hmmm, somehow I’m less interested

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